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10 Effective Ways to Improving Your Wi-Fi Signal at Home



Ways to Improving Your Wi-Fi Signal at Home

The internet is no longer a luxury that only the rich have access to. It has become so ordinary that even the smallest of households have access to an internet connection. Wired internet connections are also a thing of the past. Now, it is the era of wireless internet connectivity.

Making this wireless connectivity possible is the revolutionary Wi-Fi technology. And when this magical technology starts to fail on you, you just want to start banging on the keyboard out of frustration.

But what if we told you that you do not need to take out your frustration on your keyboard? There are a few ways of solving your slow internet speeds issues! And we are here to shed light on some of them. Follow us as we discuss different tactics that you could adapt to improve your Wi-Fi performance at home. Let’s get started:

Grab the Best Router

The first thing you need to do is grab the best router available in the market. And doing so will require you to analyze your personal internet usage. The choice of the perfect router will depend upon the number of people connected to the network, the size of your home, and a few other factors.

All routers have different capacities and are designed for a specific kind of usage. The router you choose will depend upon whether you are a hardcore gamer, an occasional YouTube surfer, or a TV show binge-watcher. Different kinds of internet activities will decide which is the best router for your home.

Place Your Router at the Ideal Spot

Next comes the placement of your router. Even though the router can magically provide you with wireless internet connectivity, it still has a few limitations. Thus, a physical object in a router’s line of transmission can cause interference with the signal.

Ideally, the router should be placed at a central location of your home, where every device may connect to the signal easily. Large objects such as walls, cupboards, and cabinets may cause you to experience poor internet speeds.

Update Router Firmware

All routers come with dedicated software/firmware. The purpose of this firmware is to facilitate a router’s usage for the user. And since it is a piece of software, it will be subject to certain updates routinely.

Developers do this to cater to any and all deterioration in the router’s performance. If you experience any performance drop in your internet connection, fire up the router firmware and update it immediately. Chances are that your problem might be resolved.

Get a Wi-Fi Extender

The job of a Wi-Fi extender is to enhance the range of a Wi-Fi router. A Wi-Fi extender is placed between the Wi-Fi router and the connected device on a socket in the wall. This way, you may access the internet in the apparent dead zones of the house. Though, you have to remember that a Wi-Fi extender will only extend the range of your existing Wi-Fi signal. If the signal is already weak, then the Wi-Fi Extender can only do so much.

Kick-Off Unwanted Visitors

No one likes unwanted visitors – it is only natural. Thus, when an unwanted person enters your private Wi-Fi network, it can cause a disturbance. Moreover, when an additional person is using your Wi-Fi for free, it leaves very little bandwidth behind for, the person who actually paid for it in the first place. Even smart devices in your home that are not being used currently should be disconnected from the network to access the Wi-Fi’s maximum potential.

Set Up a Strong Password

The best thing you could do to keep away all unwanted people from your private Wi-Fi network is to secure it with a strong and personalized password. Though the router does come with a default password, that is still insufficient to keep the intruders at bay.

For this, you must choose a password that only the authorized people in your home know. Remember though, setting birthdays or social security numbers as passwords are not recommended as they may easily be guessed or open you up to a significant threat. A password should ideally be a combination of random digits, alphabets (upper and lower case, or both), and special characters.

Switch the Wi-Fi Channel

Almost all routers come with different frequencies or channels on them. And every router is set on a default channel that you may be using. Think of the internet as a highway where each channel is a lane on the highway.

When too many users attempt to use the same channel from their homes, the result would be a slower transmission of data. Thus, opting for a different channel or frequency could help you experience a faster internet connection.

A Reboot does Work

While it may seem like a pointless thing to do, a reboot may sometimes get the job done. So, do try restarting your router before you attempt any long and complicated solutions to resolve your connectivity issues.

Run a Speed Test

Internet speed tests are designed to assess your network’s performance. Not only can they inform you of your network’s current download and upload speeds, but they can also tell you whether the current issue with your network, is the ping, latency, or bandwidth. Afterward, you may turn to an appropriate resolution of the matter.

Switch Internet Service Providers

If all else fails, maybe it is time for you to switch internet service providers. Your current internet service provider may be the best in the region at some point, but the current market is flooded with numerous internet service providers that offer blazing-fast internet speeds at highly reasonable rates. For starters, you may consider the following internet service providers, if they serve in the region you are in:


Mediacom is among the elite internet service providers in the country. The service provider offers access to mind-boggling internet speeds that go as high as up to 1 Gbps. Though, the upload speeds are not as high and are capped at 50 Mbps. Still, the service provider makes for a valuable addition to your home.

Moreover, the internet service provider does not provide unlimited monthly data allowances. Still, the ample monthly data allowance of up to 6000 GBs is more than sufficient for even the heaviest of internet usage. Then there are various additional benefits, such as reasonable Mediacom Internet prices, a security suite, access to dedicated Mediacom Wi-Fi hotspots, and amazing bundling options that make this internet service worth considering.


Another ISP worth considering is AT&T. AT&T offers several internet services that include fiber-optic, wireless, IPBB, and fixed wireless. Here, you may also access unlimited monthly data allowances, provided that you have opted for fiber-optic internet.

If you opt for AT&T fiber-optic internet plans, you may experience symmetric internet speeds as high as up to 1 Gbps. But remember, this is all subject to regional availability, which you can check on the BuyTVInternetPhone platform easily.


Spectrum is another internet service provider that may do you good. The service provider offers access to a hybrid fiber-coaxial network that enables users to enjoy fiber-like internet speeds as high as up to 1000 Mbps.

Furthermore, you also have several other benefits to look forward to, such as access to dedicated Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots, free internet modem, unlimited monthly data allowance, and strong parental controls for the young ones in your home.

In a Nutshell

Before you get fed up with your Wi-Fi connection for good, do try out these simple tricks to resolve your connectivity issues. We are confident that at least one of the methods mentioned above will get the job done.

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The most effective method to Fix Fan Error on Laptop



main qimg 02e1698446e424bd45815162c61db473 pjlq

The pivot of the PC fan is connected with the CPU temperature, and the fan will possibly turn when the CPU arrives at the advance notice temperature. On the off chance that the CPU fan not working and mistake message,it may make the PC crash and closes down, and even consume the CPU and some PC parts.

Section 1: Why is the fan not dealing with my PC?

  1. In the first place, the PC fan doesn’t turn ought to consider whether the fan has been broken, assuming that it is broken, it must be fixed or supplanted with once again PC fan.
  2. Assuming the CPU fan mistake yet fan is working:
  1. The residue inside the fan is gathered excessively. To eliminate the fan from the intensity sink while cleaning, clear them off with a q-tip or paper, or utilize a wooden toothpick to gradually clear off the residue.
  2. The fan shaft is corroded. Dismantle the fan and apply some clean oil. For the most part, utilize a straw or tweezers to drop ointment on the shaft.
  3. The motherboard is broken. It is perhaps the harm of the triode of the power supply, and the perplexing case a huge number, for example, temperature control circuits. In the IBM PC fix related circuit disappointment, for example, H8 temperature observing circuit has a blunder, it will report a fan mistake.

For additional ways of fixing fan mistakes, you can inquiry as indicated by the fan blunder code showed on the screen, iPad Repair UK and find an answer in view of the explanation. A large portion of the PC execute the equipment power the board of the BIOS. Take the CPU cooling fan for instance, and the fan on the personal computer is unique.

The enthusiast of the PC is just introduced in the CPU, and the fan possibly begins when the BIOS recognizes that the CPU temperature surpasses the pre-set worth of the producer, so there is in many cases a peculiarity of start and stop, which is ordinary.

A few producers’ fans could change the speed as indicated by various temperatures to limit power utilization.

Section 2: How to prevent PC fan from pursuing constantly windows 10 update

  1. On the off chance that you recently completed the process of moving up to Windows 10 and began getting the blunder, get into the BIOS (F1 key in the wake of fueling up,Different by PC brand) and reset to default.
  2. Make certain to have “Operating system improved defaults” set to Disabled,unless you really do utilize UEFI-based Secure Boot in the framework. Assuming you’re uncertain, attempt the two sorts of defaults.
  3. Or on the other hand before your PC fix, you can consider redesigning profiles.

Gadget drivers and BIOS updates might incorporate upgrades or enhancements (equipment and programming) that viable with other framework modules, and further develop soundness.

It tends to be utilized as an answer for the fan blunder yet fan is running on PC.

Section 3: How to Clean DELL Fan to fix dell fan not working

  1. Turn off the PC.
  • Unplug the power plug from the attachment. Eliminate the battery from your PC.
  • Tilt the PC so you can see its left edge plainly. You will track down a progression of little vents. These vents are utilized for CPU fan exhaust.
  • Immerse the swab in liquor.
  • Wipe off any outside residue or soil on the fan vents. Try not to pass the swab totally through the vents. Fan vents can collect a lot of garbage, Macbook Repair Bolton, which can be challenging to eliminate without the utilization of liquor based cleaners.
  • Blow compacted air into the vents to eliminate any remaining residue or blockages. In some cases the fan quits working because of collected dust aggregation.
  • Reconnect the battery and begin the PC. Assuming that the fan actually does notwork, your PC won’t boot or “Fan Error” message will be shown. For more fix strategies,
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Instructions to Check Specs Of Laptop



minimum gaming laptop specs

What are the specs of a PC?

Click on the Windows Start button, then, at that point, select Settings to see your PC’s equipment determinations (the stuff symbol). Go to System under the Settings menu. After you look down, select About. You ought to have the option to see the details for your processor, RAM, and other framework parts on this screen, alongside the rendition of Windows.

How would I really take a look at a PC’s specs?


  • Open the Windows System Window first.
  • There are normally two methods for sending off the Windows 10 System window.
  • To get to the PC situation window, right-click This PC on the PC screen and select Properties.
  • By all the while squeezing the Windows key and the Pause/Break key on the console, you can likewise open the Windows System window quickly.

2. Audit PC details

Operating system Windows 10

You might see the principal insights regarding your Windows 10 machine in the System Window, Macbook Repairs Services, including the working framework variant, processor, RAM, framework type, PC name, area, item ID, Windows actuation status, and so forth.

Strategy 2:

 Recognize when Device Manager ought to be utilized. Use Device Manager to get a complete, exceptional stock of all the equipment your PC utilizes. This is useful while attempting to figure out what sort of restrictive equipment is available in your machine.

2. Send off the specific Start menu. On the other hand, you can press Win+X or right-click the Start image in the base left corner of the screen. On the left half of the screen, a spring up menu should show.

3. Tap Device Manager. The spring up menu contains it. The Device Manager window is opened.

4. Glance through the equipment classifications. Glance through the numerous equipment classes until you find the one you wish to open.

For example, you would double tap the Processors making a beeline for get familiar with your PC’s processor.

What you find in Device Manager might vary marginally relying upon who constructed your PC.

5. Consolidate more equipment. Click the “grow” image to one side of the equipment class, or double tap it. Beneath the classification heading, somewhere around one indented thing should appear.

In the event that the equipment classification is trailed by a rundown of indented decisions, the class has proactively been developed.

6. Analyze the equipment part list. You could see one equipment thing or upwards of ten, contingent upon the classification you picked; double tap a thing to peruse its properties.

Try not to debilitate or uninstall anything in Device Manager except if you have exact directions, as an accidental expulsion could deliver your PC inoperable.

Step by step instructions to Check What Processor (CPU)

On a Windows 10 PC, you can rapidly and effectively figure out what sort of processor you have with just two ticks or go to repair uk.

You may effectively decide your CPU’s model by doing the accompanying:

  1. Utilize your mouse to right-tap the Windows start menu symbol situated in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  2. In the spring up menu, select “Framework.”
  3. Your PC’s CPU type will be recorded close to “Processor.”


I won’t express much as the blog has informed you about how to actually take a look at the specs of the PC

Read the 144Hz Laptop Review if you are a creative professional or a gamer who loves to play.

It is a simple interaction and you can involve it for different purposes.

Understand MORE .If you are interested in purchasing a new smart television, then please click here,You Buy New Smart Tv

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Factors in Choosing New Computer Antivirus Software



shutterstock 1402830170

Security from infections and different dangers is crucial for any PC client, and antivirus programming is one of the top arrangements you have accessible around here. Nonetheless, there are a couple significant suppliers of antivirus programming out there – – how do you have at least some idea which is best for your PC’s requirements and your own?

At PC Laptops, we’re glad to not just give our clients the greatest new workstations and personal computers, yet additionally to offer aptitude and exhortation on the best way to keep your machine shielded from infections and different dangers visit Computer Repair Services Bolton. While thinking about which antivirus programming to go with, what are the variables you ought to assess? Here is a preliminary.

Is a Free Trial Offered?

Most importantly, does the supplier you’re thinking about for antivirus programming offer a free preliminary? This is immensely significant, as you need to have the option to try out the product and see whether it works for your necessities. On the off chance that they don’t offer a free preliminary, consider looking somewhere else – – this will commonly express something about how well that organization has focused on their clients’ advantages.

The best antivirus suppliers know that in the event that they can rapidly and effectively give an answer for a PC’s security issues, they’ll prevail upon deep rooted clients. A free preliminary is a simple method for doing this, as it offers you the chance to utilize their product with next to no gamble and assist them with choosing if the item is something that functions admirably for your circumstance.

What Specific Services are Offered?

Alongside a free preliminary, what else does your picked supplier propose as far as antivirus programming? These administrations can run the range from quality technical support to specific programming that improves your experience.

For instance, AVG gives a little determination of games to look over that you can download and introduce on however many PCs as you’d like (for no additional expense) as a method for upgrading your experience. While most antivirus suites have customary updates on their infection definitions to guarantee that you’re constantly secured, a few organizations like Laptop Repair UK likewise offer programming intended to wipe out different dangers, for example, malware or spyware. While the essential elements of your product will be generally vital to consider, additional items like these likewise assume a part.

Cost and Payment Format

Like some other program or administration you’re thinking about, cost is a significant thought while settling on antivirus programming. While there are a few different estimating structures that you could consider, two of the most widely recognized are yearly installment and regularly scheduled installments.

How much cash do you have accessible in your spending plan to allot towards antivirus programming? On the off chance that you’re on a restricted spending plan, it’s a good idea to go with a supplier that offers the most economical arrangement. For other people, yearly installments might be more in accordance with their monetary circumstance.

Notwithstanding cost, consider how installment is made for your picked antivirus programming. A few organizations offer set month to month or yearly costs at which you can decide to have the product consequently reestablished, while others require installment upon checkout.

At last, consider what technique for installments are acknowledged with regards to your antivirus programming. You might find that the organization just acknowledges credit or charge cards for yearly memberships, while different suppliers will acknowledge various strategies including PayPal and even digital currencies like Bitcoin.

Continuous Scanning

Any antivirus programming you’re thinking about in the present day ought to incorporate ongoing checking. This is where the program naturally checks each record that you access, download, or open for dangers consistently. Certain individuals find that this can fundamentally affect their PC’s exhibition, so remember this thought as you’re reducing your rundown of suppliers.

At times, a few suppliers will offer extra highlights like cloud-based security to give extra insurance to a charge.

Programmed Updates

Antivirus endeavors never stop – – they are continually advancing as the dangers to gadgets transform after some time. Thus, you really want an antivirus programming that consequently refreshes itself to remain on the bleeding edge.

While certain suppliers will offer this as a standard component, others might depend on you to keep their current infection definitions refreshed to give the most potential security. Remember this thought while choosing which antivirus arrangement is best for you, and how tedious (or not) they are.


With regards to antivirus programs, they ought to be not difficult to utilize regardless of what your expertise level is. Assuming you know close to-nothing about PCs and you anticipate utilizing your new antivirus programming, ensure that it’s direct enough for a first-time frame client with minimal external assistance required.

Obviously, on the off chance that you’re an accomplished client who feels comfortable around the intricate details of PCs, then, at that point, expecting somewhat more from an organization as far as features is sensible. Consider what sort of help choices are accessible also for both new clients and those that need help; a few organizations like Norton give telephone based help while others may just offer help through email or visit.

Suggestions and Reviews

While you’re looking for antivirus programming, it tends to be hard to tell which suppliers are awesome since there are such countless choices out there. That is the reason client surveys are an important asset while attempting to sort out whether an organization merits your time and cash.

One of the most amazing ways of finding proposals and client audits is by searching for online articles that rank antivirus programming suppliers concerning quality and viability. The sellers recorded on these rundowns are generally among the absolute most dependable organizations you can go to for your security needs, so remember this asset while exploring choices!

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