4 Coolest Sofa Covers Online and Their Noteworthy Benefits


Sofa Covers

A Sofa set is undeniably one of the most prominent furnishing elements. A living room looks complete with a contemporary sofa adorned in it. This piece of furniture lying in the middle suggests a lot about your choice. It is an investment that goes on for years. However, with regular usage, the chances of the sofa, getting soiled or dirty accelerates. For the sake of cleanliness, sofa covers come to the rescue. Especially when you have pets and kids at home, your sofa gets messy. Before we delve into the trendiest sofa covers online, read out the considerable benefits:


 If hygiene or cleanliness is your main concern, slipovers on the couch help you maintain your sanity. The pieces of cloth ornamented are easier to clean and upgrade. And the good news is that the majority of them accessible today are capable of machine wash. If you have pets at home, a vacuum cleaner can come to the rescue also. The tangled hairs come out of the cloth, which is tough on the sofa. Besides that, dry cleaning the couch adds to the running expenses as it is a costly affair. For avoiding your favourite furnishing element getting dirty, sofa covers are no less than a blessing. 

Aesthetically pleasing

Have you got bored of seeing the same sofa set daily? Sofa covers are one of the ideal options to break the monotony. These slipcovers come in a variety of designs or prints. Contemporary, traditional or quirky, there is a lot to choose from. Besides keeping the sofa intact, it dramatically changes the overall look. Also, you can change the covers as and when required without digging a hole in your pocket. You can also get throw pillow covers to harmonize the interiors more beautifully. 

Effortless to Use

Unlike the past, sofa covers include an elastic pattern to fit in smoothly. You only have to adjust the piece of cloth according to the size. Not just they are easier to use but to wash as well. Remove them easily and dip them in the water overnight. Most materials are soft, and the dirt comes off without additional effort. 

To Bring Novelty

If you are low in the budget to change the sofa set, get a new sofa cover set. Indubitably, sofa covers have a unique capability of changing the way your sofa looks. You can hide the scratch made by your pets or kids with a beautiful piece of cloth. Also, they allow you to balance the mismatched theme of your interiors. By spending a few bucks, you can transform your living room and beautify it as per the occasion. 

Regardless of what sofa covers you buy, check on the material before buying. Soft cotton covers are easier to clean and maintain than silk and others. WallMantra has a collection of sofa covers that are easier to match and maintain. Every piece is mindfully designed by the industry’s best manufacturers. Get an insight into it and change the way your living room looks:

Purple Jacquard Sofa Cover

Sofa Covers

This three-seater Jacquard sofa cover looks intriguing if you love minimalism. The solid colour contrasts beautifully with neutral colour walls. Also, the grace of the cloth is unparalleled and remains intact for years. Machine-safe, it is easy to wash and clean. You can change your old sofa into contemporary, by bringing in the trendiest solid colour. Moreover, the superelastic corners provide an ultimate wrinkle-free finish.

Size-230cmx185 cm ( 3 Seater)

Fabric- Jacquard     

Colour: Purple

Colours Available- 7

Care- Machine Washable

Cortina Spandex Stretchable Leaf Print

Do you want to break the look of your dull sofa? Bring in this black leaf print sofa cover. Providing a novel touch, it looks dazzling. The leaf print on the couch takes away breath and tells a story of your choice. Also, the beautifully finished butterflies and leaves give a chance to bring nature home. Contrast it with neutral walls and greenery around for a more appealing look. 

Sofa Covers

Available Sizes- 3 (1, 2, 3 Seaters)

Fabric- 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex

Color: Black & Red

Wash Care – Machine Washable

Cortina Spandex Stretchable Autumn Leaf Pattern Sofa Slip Cover

This slipcover looks fascinating and lures the attention of the onlookers. The soft, colourful leaves printed look no less than a dream. Also, the dark colour is ideal if you have kids or pets at home. By smashing the monotony, this piece gives you a chance of bringing something unique to interiors.

Sofa Covers

 Available Sizes- 3 ( 1,2,3 Seaters)

Fabric- 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex

Colour: Blue

Care Wash- Machine Washable

Cortina Spandex Stretchable Printed Pink Sofa Slip Cover

This chic sofa cover brings in a contemporary look. The geometric print looks different and pleasing. The soft neutral look showcases classiness and brings distinctiveness. Also, the pattern ensures that your sofa remains dirt-free and enhances the overall look. Also, the wrinkle-free fitting ensures comfort and sophistication. 

 Available Sizes- 3 ( 1,2,3 Seaters)

Fabric- 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex

Colour: Pink

Care Wash- Machine Washable   

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