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5 Maintenance Tips That Will Definitely Increase the Longevity of Any Boat



Like most of your belongings and pieces of equipment, boats need proper maintenance to give you a proper service year after year. Boat maintenance as a whole is quite similar to automobile maintenance. As is in the case of your vehicles, if the boats are not properly maintained, you could face uncomfortable situations like boat breakdown, dead battery or fuel problems and likewise. But it does take more effort and finances to maintain your prized boat. There are a few parts or items of a boat which require constant maintenance throughout the year and this is usually done by the boat owner himself or herself. On the other hand, there are a few items that need maintenance after months or a year apart. Most boat owners will prefer to have these parts serviced by the experts.

If you are a fellow boat owner, keep on reading to know about various tips to keep your boat in top condition.

  1. Keeping the vessel clean : This is a no brainer. If you keep your vessel free from impurities for most of the year, there should be good reason to believe that it will give you a better service for a longer period of time. This includes draining the salt water from the boat which can be damaging for the boat by causing corrosion. You can take professional help to keep the motor and other such parts which could get tricky for you to clean free from salt water. In order for the exteriors of the boat to look exquisite for most of its service period, cleaning should be done properly and regularly. A boat is exposed to a unique sort of materials and boat parts & accessories are bound to get damaged faster as compared to a car and thus attention is required to clean these typical elements. Fresh water, soap, a brush with soft bristles and boat wax can be used together to achieve all of these aims. Soaps which are formulated specially for boat cleaning are recommended.
  2. Engine Service : You should preferably not wait until the start of the summer season to get the boat engines serviced which is a time when everyone wants to get it done and getting a proper servicing for your boat engine might become difficult. Do it well before time. Spark plugs should be changed in this part of servicing and extra spark plugs kept on the boat for emergencies. While operating the boat, weird noise and vibrations coming from the engine could be signs that your engine needs a service. So look out for any such sound and shaking.
  3. Oil Checks : A boat owner should be well aware of the oil requirements of the vessel which will vary as per type of boat. Oil checks can be carried out by the owner himself or preferably by a professional. Changing the oil of a boat is not as simple a task as changing the oil of a car because it usually involves a stream of water through the water intake and some other procedures which need to be learned before changing the oil. Thus, try to learn the trade before practicing it.
  4. Battery Protection : Boats are usually completely shut down for the few months of winter which is the off season. This could lead to you ending up with dead batteries when you need the boat. The way to avoid this situation is by disconnecting the batteries at the start of the off season and storing them at a place where they can be charged separately in a warmer room or similar arrangement. This will certainly improve the life of the batteries. 
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Canadian Car Owners are Opting for Used Spare Parts



Used Spare Parts

Increasing prices and availability issues mean demand for second hand car parts is on the rise

Every car owner understands and appreciates the fact that it is normal for their vehicles to demand constant care and repair. Every vehicle has thousands of spare parts working together for the car to perform. If one part is damaged or not working, it could render the whole vehicle unusable. Anyone can buy a replacement spare part from the authorized dealership and continue using the vehicle but dealerships are notoriously expensive and are not the best option when it comes to finances. You can do some research and find used or reconditioned spare car parts online but finding a perfectly working and dependable used or reconditioned spare part is an art that few can master. Many variables require your attention and expertise to accomplish a perfect purchase. You must decide what kind of spare part you require to purchase and what condition you would like to purchase it in. following are some of the reasons why Canadian car owners are turning their backs from the brand-new parts and are opting to buy used or reconditioned spare parts. 

Types of Brand-New Spare Parts Available in Canada

Generally, there are three main types of brand-new spare parts that are available in the market. You get the genuine parts that are manufactured by the same company that has manufactured your vehicle and are considered the best fitting and best quality parts. The best place to find these parts is from the authorized dealership who is obliged to stock all the genuine spare parts. The other type of brand-new spare parts is the OEM parts. These parts are manufactured by a third party that is authorized to do so by the original manufacturer. Those parts are manufactured according to the original manufacturer’s specifications. Those parts are almost as expensive or a little less expensive but are excellent in quality and fitment. 

The third type is the aftermarket parts. These are the parts that are an inexpensive substitute to the original parts. These parts lack quality and the fitting is more generalized to fit as many makes and models as possible. Those parts are in high demand due to their ability to save money and free availability. These parts can save you money but expert opinion is that these are not beneficial in the longer run. 

Problems Faced by Drivers to Buy New Parts

Generally, the price difference is a major obstacle that makes it difficult for the drivers to buy brand-new original spare parts. Genuine and OEM spare parts are usually in a league of their own when it comes to pricing. Those parts are very expensive when compared to aftermarket spare parts. With rising petrol prices and a generalized price hike in maintenance, drivers are already feeling the squeeze. Opting for expensive spare parts can not be ideal for them. Especially when a cheaper alternative is available in the form of aftermarket spare parts. These are the parts that are comparatively lower in quality but also have the potential to save your hard-earned cash. 

Another hindrance that the modern age drivers face in the current climate is the supply chain shortages due to the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the world at a standstill for many months, the supply chains suffered irreparable loss of continuity, and the supplies of literally everything were halted. This issue also affected the spare parts industry and brand-new parts whether those were genuine, OEM, or aftermarket, were not as easily available as these were used to. To compensate for this situation and shortage, drivers are resorting to other options and one of the best options is to check out the used or reconditioned spare parts. 

Used or Reconditioned Spare Parts

Used or reconditioned spare parts have become an excellent alternative to expensive, overpriced, and unavailable brand-new parts in the market. Not only do you get a chance to find genuine spare parts but you can also save a significant amount of money as well. Used or reconditioned spare parts come from vehicles that are totalled due to any mechanical fault or any accident. Since not all the parts are affected, the parts that are perfectly working in that vehicle are taken out and put on sale. This way you can get your hands on genuine parts that are manufactured by the original manufacturer while saving money as well.  You do not have the same issues as the new parts and the supply chain does not affect them as well. 

Best Place to Buy Used or Reconditioned Parts

Now that we know that used or reconditioned parts are an excellent alternative to expensive new parts. It is important to know where can you buy those parts. You may be able to find those parts at many places but remember that buying those used spare parts that are fully working and dependable is an art. You must find a reliable seller and perfect part so you can use that part without any concern. Your local auto spare part market might be a great place to start with but you must have intricate knowledge about the way the part works and how dependable it is. Many local sellers sell you substandard parts that do more damage to your vehicle. Visiting the local auto spare parts market is also time-consuming and it is impossible to visit every shop physically. Severe weather is another hindrance as it is not easy to visit so many outlets when the weather conditions are harsh. 

Buy Used Parts Online

Online commerce has gained significant importance during the pandemic period and now has become part and parcel of our lives. The spare parts industry has gained many advantages from this medium and provides a smooth and easy way for the customers to provide the parts they require. However, it is paramount that you choose reliable and trusted online sources such as Partfinder Canada which manages a vast network of trusted and verified network of part sellers who are always eager to help. You can save an impressive amount of money and time when you decide to find and purchase the part online. 

Save Up to 60% with Complete Customer Satisfaction

By choosing to locate and purchase the used or reconditioned spare parts online you can save up to 60% when you compare the prices with brand new parts from the dealership. A reliable online source would aim to provide you with complete customer satisfaction by offering you a warranty depending on the condition and the price of the spare part. This provides the customer the confidence to come back for more business in the future. 

Doorstep Delivery 

The biggest advantage of the online purchase of the part is that you do not have to leave the safety of your house at any stage of the process. You simply open up the laptop while sitting in the cozy house, enter the reg number of your vehicle and mention the part that you require. The system recognizes the vehicle and provides you a list of parts available with different sellers and you can choose according to your specifications and budget. Once you have bought the part, the seller is obliged to arrange a swift and reliable delivery to your doorstep while you just sit back and relax.

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A Guide To Fixing And Preventing Tears In Leather Car Seats



Something about leather car seats scream sophistication and quality. Not only are such seats durable, but they also add character to your four-wheeler. However, they can do all of that only when cared for properly, especially when there is a dreaded tear on the material. So, if you have come across a tear on your leather seat, worry not because here is a guide to fix and prevent tears. 

Preventing tears and cracks

While there is no foolproof way to prevent tears and cracks on your leather car seats completely, you can surely avoid significant damage and expensive leather seat repair with the following tips:

Minimize sun exposure

Sun exposure to your leather seats, especially prolonged ones, can cause the material to crack and fade, leading to expensive repairs or replacements. You can avoid this by minimizing or eliminating sun exposure. While it is not always possible to keep your car away from the sunlight, you can take certain precautions to minimize the exposure time. 

For instance, you can use sun shields on your car windows when parking outdoors; these reflect the sun and keep the interior cool and safe from sunlight. Yet another way to avoid exposure is using awnings or a proper garage at home to park your vehicle. Avoid the sun as much as possible by any means. 

Avoid sharp objects

Sharp objects in our lives constantly surround us. Such items can easily scratch and scruff your leather car seat and cause cracks and tears. In addition, something as blunt as a pet carrier can cause significant damage to the seat when not transported properly. 

Therefore, the first step should be to take the necessary precautions when carrying anything in your car and avoid keeping them directly on your leather seat. For instance, you can use a padded blanket before placing the item. 

Wash and condition regularly

Irregular washing and conditioning can also cause cracks, tears, and discoloration. Therefore, it is safe to clean your car seats regularly and condition them with the appropriate products. You can start the process by vacuuming the seats and removing any speck of dirt, followed by rubbing in the conditioner, ensuring it spreads evenly and across all surfaces. 

Fixing tears and holes

No matter how many precautions you take, your car seat can always sustain damage due to any number of actions from your kids or pets. Fret not; you can take care of the tears and holes in the following way; 

Fixing tears

You can fix the tears using two methods: sewing and pasting. You can either sew the two edges of the tear or a completely new piece on the tear. Alternatively, you can use an adhesive to paste a new piece on the tear. Whichever method you use, expect rough edges and imperfection. The key is polishing the rough edges after repair and using small stitches when sewing to avoid making it obvious.

  • Fixing holes

Fixing holes is relatively easier than cracks or tears. You can fix them by either pasting a piece of matching leather or pouring liquid leather. The latter is a great option for smaller holes caused by a key or cigarette burns, while the former is a universal option for all holes. Whichever you use, make sure to match the color of the leathers.


Leather car seats are prone to dates, especially rough use, irregular cleaning and conditioning, and extended sun exposure. This can significantly reduce how long your seats remain as good as new. Following the tips above to prevent and fix tears can help extend your seat’s life. 

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Is Your Car Giving You Jerks Like A Carriage Ride? Know The Reasons!



Jerks and shocks are never pleasant. Not in your car, especially! And if you experience these jerks during the drive, then beware! It is a sign of severe warning. Something is not right with your car. You have to find out the issue to ensure your vehicle stays in its best form and doesn’t give you trouble amidst a drive. 

Common causes of car jerks that you need to know! 

We don’t mean to say, whenever you bear the jerks during a drive, there is an issue in your vehicle. Sometimes the bad quality of roads and debris in your petrol can also lead to these unwanted jumps during your travel. But sometimes, the root cause can be in your vehicle!

  • Dirty fuel injectors –Your car’s fuel injectors distribute the fluid to all the parts of the engine. However, if these injectors are dirty, even your fuel will become contaminated. It means that the impure particles in your engine parts are creating friction. If you face this situation too often, take your car for servicing and clean the injectors thoroughly.
  • Worn out spark plugs –Sometimes, you accelerate your car too much, and the speed becomes very rapid. Imagine the vehicle giving a sudden jerk during this time! The reason can be the spark plug circuits that are worn out or too old. Then this lack of power during the drive leads to this jerk. Replacing the wires on time is the only solution to this problem.
  • Damaged gas lines –Several gas channels in your car distribute the fuel flow throughout the engine. However, if these gas lines are damaged, you will experience an inaccuracy of fuel distribution that does cause a sudden jerk in your car.
  • Worn out acceleration cables – Your accelerator works perfectly because of the cords underneath it. But, if you find the jerks happening too often when you accelerate the car, it might be that these cables are damaged and require repair work immediately.
  • Damaged cylinders – The damage in your car cylinders can also be a prominent reason for the jerks happening in your vehicle. These damaged cylinders stop functioning. That is why even the fuel and engine get affected,  causing severe friction. 
  • Damaged and dirty air filters – The car often stops with a sudden movement if the filters have some issues. We have seen these filters getting worn out before time because of excess debris in them. Even constant usage of cars leads to severe damage in them. If you do not clean them regularly or repair them, the jerks will continue (and may lead to a severe accident). Such cars are best exchanged against cash for wrecked cars in Adelaide, Car Removals pick up such automobiles that have faced accidents from their spots (or your home if you want) and provide you with some money in exchange for them. However, you can save such massive trouble if you repair or replace the filters immediately after recognising the cause behind these jerks in the vehicle. 
  • The blockage in the engine parts – Often, the jerks happen because of a halt of proper fuel supply in the engine. The obstruction in the engine parts is the significant reason behind it. Treating this issue through a professional mechanic is essential to avoid this issue.

Almost all these issues are looked at when you service your car regularly. That is why you should make it a point to take your vehicle to the experts before and after a long drive. There is a rare chance you would ever face such an issue if you routinely care for your car. Remember, today, the jerkings are light. They may become severe tomorrow. Never (ever) ignore them at any cost! 

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