6 Tips to Choose Surf Paddle Board and Mounts Storage 


Paddleboarding is becoming one of the most famous sports globally. Many people find it nice and enjoyable because it is easy to learn and requires little effort. It is also a simple sport that can be done on rivers, lakes and oceans hence you can have fun from any location because it does not require any special facilities.  

The challenge many people face is selecting the right paddleboard. This is caused by the availability of different types of paddleboards and other factors such as brand, weight, and sizes. This article has some guidelines to help you select suitable surf paddle boards and the necessary mount storage.  

Rigid and inflatable surf paddleboards 

Most people find it challenging to select between rigid and inflatable paddleboards. Each has attributes making them suitable for specific needs. If you need durable paddles that will enable you to surf in choppy water conditions, a rigid surf paddleboard will be a better option. The rigid surf paddleboards are suitable when you plan to surf in waters near rocky surfaces or areas with oyster beds. 

If you want something light that can be easily transported, an inflatable paddleboard will be a better option. They can also be suitable for casual paddling. Inflatable surf paddles boards are durable; however, you cannot store them in various places, such as outdoors. When buying them, you need to select the right surf and paddleboard carriers to keep them safe to ensure durability.  

Surfing experience 

Surf paddle boards can suit both pros and amateurs; however, consider your surfing experience and the goals when selecting a paddleboard. For trainees, battling the waves or surfing can be a challenge if you have a rigid surf paddleboard because they are heavy. This makes inflatable surf paddleboards suitable for amateurs since they do not have to battle the paddle’s weight. An inflatable surfboard is also a better option to achieve high surfing speeds. Rigid surfboards can be suitable once you understand and master the art of balancing on the boards.  

Paddleboard size 

Paddleboards are available in different sizes, such as short, medium, and long. The size of the boards can also determine the weight of the paddleboard. The short size should be below 10 feet, the medium ranges between 10 to 12 feet, and the long ranges between 12 to 15 feet. The long paddle boards are best for long-distance surfing; the medium sizes can be suitable for needs such as yoga, while the small size is suitable for kids. 

The size of the paddleboards will also determine the storage mounts you need to store the paddleboards. When selecting the paddleboard size, you must understand the experience level when choosing a board. Amateurs should try short or medium paddleboard sizes, whereas children should get small boards.   

The weight of the paddleboards 

When selecting the paddleboards, you need to consider the weight of the paddleboards. A good board should have a weight capacity suitable for carrying your weight and some more. The board weight can influence how much water you displace while surfing. If your weight surpasses the board weight, surfing fast and staying stable is challenging.  

If you want to determine the board’s weight, you can observe the board’s width, length, and thickness. The weight of the paddleboards can also select the mounted storage you buy for the boards.  


Various factors such as material, size, and weight determine the price of boards. Expensive boards will guarantee durability and top quality; however, you can still get quality and durable boards at affordable prices. There are many dealers in the market, and they compete based on price. You can take advantage of the competition to get an affordable paddleboard and mount storage.  

Additional accessories 

You may need additional items for your surfboard besides the paddle. Some people will prefer to go windsurfing. This helps you to paddle the board with the help of the wind to provide additional force. Such boards come with a windsurf rail rig attached to the board, and all you have to do is hold onto the rig as the wind blows the surfboard around. Unlike the conventional ones, these boards will cost you additional money, and you will also need unique mount storage systems. 


Selecting the right surf paddleboard should not be a challenge if you consider the right factors. You need to observe the size, weight, affordability, and surfing experience. You can select different types of paddleboards available in the market. This also gives you the advantage of choosing quality and affordable paddleboards. While selecting the boards, it would be best if ensured a suitable storage mount designed for that particular paddleboard. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a suitable one for yourself and set sail while you still can. 

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