A Guide To Fixing And Preventing Tears In Leather Car Seats


Something about leather car seats scream sophistication and quality. Not only are such seats durable, but they also add character to your four-wheeler. However, they can do all of that only when cared for properly, especially when there is a dreaded tear on the material. So, if you have come across a tear on your leather seat, worry not because here is a guide to fix and prevent tears. 

Preventing tears and cracks

While there is no foolproof way to prevent tears and cracks on your leather car seats completely, you can surely avoid significant damage and expensive leather seat repair with the following tips:

Minimize sun exposure

Sun exposure to your leather seats, especially prolonged ones, can cause the material to crack and fade, leading to expensive repairs or replacements. You can avoid this by minimizing or eliminating sun exposure. While it is not always possible to keep your car away from the sunlight, you can take certain precautions to minimize the exposure time. 

For instance, you can use sun shields on your car windows when parking outdoors; these reflect the sun and keep the interior cool and safe from sunlight. Yet another way to avoid exposure is using awnings or a proper garage at home to park your vehicle. Avoid the sun as much as possible by any means. 

Avoid sharp objects

Sharp objects in our lives constantly surround us. Such items can easily scratch and scruff your leather car seat and cause cracks and tears. In addition, something as blunt as a pet carrier can cause significant damage to the seat when not transported properly. 

Therefore, the first step should be to take the necessary precautions when carrying anything in your car and avoid keeping them directly on your leather seat. For instance, you can use a padded blanket before placing the item. 

Wash and condition regularly

Irregular washing and conditioning can also cause cracks, tears, and discoloration. Therefore, it is safe to clean your car seats regularly and condition them with the appropriate products. You can start the process by vacuuming the seats and removing any speck of dirt, followed by rubbing in the conditioner, ensuring it spreads evenly and across all surfaces. 

Fixing tears and holes

No matter how many precautions you take, your car seat can always sustain damage due to any number of actions from your kids or pets. Fret not; you can take care of the tears and holes in the following way; 

Fixing tears

You can fix the tears using two methods: sewing and pasting. You can either sew the two edges of the tear or a completely new piece on the tear. Alternatively, you can use an adhesive to paste a new piece on the tear. Whichever method you use, expect rough edges and imperfection. The key is polishing the rough edges after repair and using small stitches when sewing to avoid making it obvious.

  • Fixing holes

Fixing holes is relatively easier than cracks or tears. You can fix them by either pasting a piece of matching leather or pouring liquid leather. The latter is a great option for smaller holes caused by a key or cigarette burns, while the former is a universal option for all holes. Whichever you use, make sure to match the color of the leathers.


Leather car seats are prone to dates, especially rough use, irregular cleaning and conditioning, and extended sun exposure. This can significantly reduce how long your seats remain as good as new. Following the tips above to prevent and fix tears can help extend your seat’s life. 

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