Himalayan salt wall construction building and installation


Himalayan salt wall

Everybody wants their home to look awesome and variation is the basic instinct of Human beings. He always wants to try any new idea either it’s about his dressing, food or interior of the home, offices or livings. Use of Himalayan salt wall at your home is an elegant touch to the interior. It is a unique and classy touch to our lives that makes our homes more beautiful and innovative.

Himalayan salt bricks wholesale are the extractions of the Mines from the region of Punjab, Pakistan. Himalayan Salt is pink in color and it also found variation in colors. This pink salt is getting fame very rapidly due to its purely organic nature and a wide range of products that enhance the beauty and reflect our taste towards our lifestyle. Himalayan Salt tiles/bricks is an amazing product, used in spas, halotherapies, salt room/caves etc etc. Himalayan Salt has a strong crystallization formation due to the ionization process that took place after lighting it, Himalayan Salt walls suit best to our homes. Ionization is the basic instinct of Himalayan Salt. When we light it up it gets warm and releases the negative ions in the air that absorbs all the positive harmful ions from the air and purifies it for us and eases our lives.

How to install a Himalayan Salt Wall?

When one person decided to install the Himalayan salt wall at his home then the next question arises: how to install it? We are answering below for the convenience of any person who wants this at his home. There are three common methods to install this wall and by using one of them you can easily install it according to your taste.

1-   Glue- Free Method

2-   Salt Sputtering Method

3-   Tile Method

Glue – Free Method.

The glue – free method is the easiest and simplest of all. And not just the easiest but also the most convenient one. Himalayan Salt Bricks wholesale are placed on a fixing system usually made up of Metal. This metal profile is removable and you can move it anywhere you want. This is the most appropriate way to enjoy Himalayan Salt Wall according to your own taste. You can also install lights in it to have a beautiful amber glow to lighten your home.     

Salt Sputtering Method

In this method of installation Himalayan Salt bricks wholesale usually a coat of salt is pasted on the wall and a net is used to fix it perfectly. Let’s discuss this installation of Salt bricks properly to understand more clearly.

First of all mount a net, then sputter salt or coat salt. Mounting the net is very important in this method. Without this you will be unable to find a perfect look.

Secondly use a Himalayan salt crystals mixture. We can also use glue mixture but the mixture of glue is not recommended because it can cause respiratory disease. There are also more reasons why this method is not suitable; it doesn’t allow backlights and also will be fixed at one place. If it is not backlighted then there is no use of it.

Tile Method

You can also choose Himalayan salt Bricks wholesale to glue together and make beautiful classy glowing walls. It will also be fixed but it looks beautiful. You have to choose a special kind of glue to fix them. Because Bulk Pink Himalayan Salt can react with the normal glue.

Usually the glue that is used in the installation of Himalayan Salt walls comes in powder form. This dry glue mixed it up with water and used in the form of paste to apply on the wall and compile bricks in the form of wall.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Wall.

Himalayan Salt Wall is not just a decorative piece to enhance the beauty of your homes, it brings a bundle of advantages with it. Some benefits are given below.

·      Trendiest option to decorate your homes.

·      Treats respiratory diseases like asthma, coughing etc.

·      Halo therapy; salt therapy that helps our minds to get relaxation.

·      Depression is a widely spreading issue. Salt walls in a home act as an antidepressant by absorbing all negativity from the surroundings.

·      Anxiety is also an overwhelming issue Himalayan Salt tiles in the form of Salt wall cure this major issue too.

·      Relax muscles and release the contraction of a long tiring day.

·      Helpful in insomnia. It is recorded that sleeping in the presence of Himalayan Salt in your room is the best thing to have a peaceful sleep.

·       Glowing of the Salt wall in a room gives very soothing effects.

·      Purify the air to take breath in a pure air.

·      Release negative ions that cancel the charge of all positive ions.

·      Absorbs all the harmful rays of electronic devices.

·      Helps to treat migraine.

Above listed benefits are the major one. There is a long row of benefits that makes the presence of Himalayan Salt Wall justified. Because it not just enhances the beauty of our rooms or home but also gives our lives a soothing and relaxing effect.

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