How many keywords should be used for SEO?


How many keywords should be used for SEO

All of you keep asking how many keywords should be used for SEO therefore we are here to answer this for you. As per SEO experts, search engines have not officially defined the number of keywords that you should use. However, you should use keywords in a way that every page gets optimized and search engines can find you relevant to searchers’ queries. 

If you don’t understand how to use keywords for SEO and in what quantity, so we will help you with that. 

Topics to be covered:  

  • Per page keyword density for SEO 
  • Number of keywords that should be focused 
  • Number of keywords to be focused on Homepage
  • Ideal Keyword Density
  • FAQs 
  • Conclusion

Let’s start with the discussion.

Per page keyword density for SEO 

Every page should focus on one main keyword along with 2-3 other keywords. Focus on one topic on each page by using the most appropriate and important keywords. So, it’s better to choose 1-3 keywords per page. This is the keyword density you should focus on per page. There are other things as well that you should consider getting higher rankings. So, let’s discuss the most popular questions in the context of SEO that will help you in deciding the number of times a keyword should be used.  

Number of keywords that should be focused 

Focus on 2-3 keywords on each page. You can focus on any amount of keywords if you can sound natural with optimization. Focusing on 2-3 keywords in a 500-1000 word blog and 5-6 keywords in a 2000 word blog is normal. Just remember that your keyword stuffing should sound natural. More keywords will increase your chances of ranking high on search engines. Therefore keyword research is important for SEO success. 

Number of keywords to be focused on Homepage

Now, let’s talk about the homepage. You might think about how many keywords should be used for home page optimization. So, the answer is using a minimum of 3-4 keywords is good enough. Homepage optimization should be treated the same as other pages of the website so perform the same keyword optimization on it. So target 3-4 keywords for maximum SEO results.  

But how can you use 3-4 keywords on a home page even sounding natural to readers? You can do that by writing longer content for the homepage. 

You might choose to make your homepage visually appealing but it can harm your SEO and rankings as search engines won’t be able to relate your content to search queries. So, to improve your ranking and attract more traffic, increase the number of keywords on your homepage. 

What Is the Ideal Keyword Density?

According to experts, 1-2% is the ideal keyword density which implies that a keyword should be used 1-2 times per 100 words. Keyword density lowers with the increase in the content length. It is important to know that there is no hard-and-fast rule for keyword density. Keyword density can differ for different pages and keywords. You should only focus on writing naturally by using as many keywords as you can. 


  1. Is it a good strategy to use the same keywords on every page? 

No, using the same keywords on every page is not a good strategy. There is no surety that you can be ranked for the keyword that you have used. So it’s safe to use multiple keywords so that you have the chance to rank for different search queries. Target set of keywords on every page. If you will use the same keywords on each page, you will compete with your own pages for ranking. So, it’s better to not repeat the keywords for other pages.

  1. Is it a good strategy to focus on too many keywords? 

It’s possible to use too many keywords but it can harm you as well. If you use too many keywords, the search engine can penalize you for keyword stuffing. Also, it’s difficult to sound natural by using too many keywords. Search engines hate keyword stuffing as it feels like we are trying to manipulate search engines. So, don’t use too many keywords in a page as it can negatively affect your site’s SEO performance. 


Now, you have got answers to most of your questions relating to keywords. The number of keywords that you should use in your content depends on the length of the content. At least 2-3 keywords must be focused on every page. For longer content, you can use 5-6 keywords per page. If your keyword stuffing sounds natural, there is nothing wrong with doing that. But don’t forget to use keywords in the right location to get maximum SEO value from them. 

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