Is Your Car Giving You Jerks Like A Carriage Ride? Know The Reasons!


Jerks and shocks are never pleasant. Not in your car, especially! And if you experience these jerks during the drive, then beware! It is a sign of severe warning. Something is not right with your car. You have to find out the issue to ensure your vehicle stays in its best form and doesn’t give you trouble amidst a drive. 

Common causes of car jerks that you need to know! 

We don’t mean to say, whenever you bear the jerks during a drive, there is an issue in your vehicle. Sometimes the bad quality of roads and debris in your petrol can also lead to these unwanted jumps during your travel. But sometimes, the root cause can be in your vehicle!

  • Dirty fuel injectors –Your car’s fuel injectors distribute the fluid to all the parts of the engine. However, if these injectors are dirty, even your fuel will become contaminated. It means that the impure particles in your engine parts are creating friction. If you face this situation too often, take your car for servicing and clean the injectors thoroughly.
  • Worn out spark plugs –Sometimes, you accelerate your car too much, and the speed becomes very rapid. Imagine the vehicle giving a sudden jerk during this time! The reason can be the spark plug circuits that are worn out or too old. Then this lack of power during the drive leads to this jerk. Replacing the wires on time is the only solution to this problem.
  • Damaged gas lines –Several gas channels in your car distribute the fuel flow throughout the engine. However, if these gas lines are damaged, you will experience an inaccuracy of fuel distribution that does cause a sudden jerk in your car.
  • Worn out acceleration cables – Your accelerator works perfectly because of the cords underneath it. But, if you find the jerks happening too often when you accelerate the car, it might be that these cables are damaged and require repair work immediately.
  • Damaged cylinders – The damage in your car cylinders can also be a prominent reason for the jerks happening in your vehicle. These damaged cylinders stop functioning. That is why even the fuel and engine get affected,  causing severe friction. 
  • Damaged and dirty air filters – The car often stops with a sudden movement if the filters have some issues. We have seen these filters getting worn out before time because of excess debris in them. Even constant usage of cars leads to severe damage in them. If you do not clean them regularly or repair them, the jerks will continue (and may lead to a severe accident). Such cars are best exchanged against cash for wrecked cars in Adelaide, Car Removals pick up such automobiles that have faced accidents from their spots (or your home if you want) and provide you with some money in exchange for them. However, you can save such massive trouble if you repair or replace the filters immediately after recognising the cause behind these jerks in the vehicle. 
  • The blockage in the engine parts – Often, the jerks happen because of a halt of proper fuel supply in the engine. The obstruction in the engine parts is the significant reason behind it. Treating this issue through a professional mechanic is essential to avoid this issue.

Almost all these issues are looked at when you service your car regularly. That is why you should make it a point to take your vehicle to the experts before and after a long drive. There is a rare chance you would ever face such an issue if you routinely care for your car. Remember, today, the jerkings are light. They may become severe tomorrow. Never (ever) ignore them at any cost! 

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