Quick Mistakes to Avoid in Your Visa Application 


canada tourist visa from dubai,

No matter from where you are planning to go to Canada, you need to work on your visa. You cannot simply assume that things would happen smoothly. You need to make things right to get the tourist visa with ease.

Whether canada tourist visa from Dubai or any other place, you must follow the below given tips to make sure your visa application procedure goes as smoothly as you want it to be. After all, there are many people who get frustrated during their visa procedure and simply shun the plan to go. So, you need not to do that!

Match data in form with official documents

When filling in your visa application form, it is crucial that being an applicant, you include all the information requested, in the designated format, as per their overall travel documentation. Incorrect or wrong details on the visa application form  like that of the name or passport number or even that of date of birth not looking as it is in the passport, are simple errors. 

Though this might seem obvious, most of the people do tend to write information that is unpredictable with their official documents or that of even identity proof. In case the individual has the first name and that of last name written in the reverse order in the official documents, writing or mentioning it in any other manner will lead to your visa getting issued with wrong details.

Get the bank statements attested

Select countries need the applicants to deposit their bank statements, accordingly attested. While it is simple to submit bank statements, and most of the travellers are aware of this step, not owning these bank statements attested is a simple error. It is imperative to deposit the attested bank statements to reproduce your financial bandwidth for the travel, as well as that of your credit hygiene.

Evaluate the country-specific checklist

A checklist works as an effective instrument when putting together a fool-proof type of application. One of the most common errors that applicants make is not simply referring to the checklist, or referring to a proper standardised checklist for visa applications. Hence, they miss out on attaching essential documents during documents submission.

It is crucial for you to remember that diverse  countries have different documentation requirements. A destination-specific, that of customised list is readily available on the platforms like VFS Global information pages, including all the documents required for a visa application to that specific country.

Even a single missing document or paper could render the application incomplete. Hence , cross-check information that should definitely be submitted with the country-specific checklist before you apply for the visa.

Cutting it extremely close to travel date 

Each country has a different turnaround time for proceeding a visa application, which in order varies depending on the peak travel seasons. Mostly , travellers leave their visa applications to that of the last minute, hence leaving themselves quite little time to exactly follow the checklist and be sure every requirement is fulfilled. Most of the countries accept applications equal to 90 days prior to the date of your travel and applying for a visa well in advance permits you enough time to tackle with any sort of unexpected delays.


To sum up, once you keep all these things in mind and follow them; you can easily get through your visa procedure. Also check out the canada visit visa fee from Dubai or your nation well in advance.

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