Using Instagram Stories To Get More Followers


Are you looking for ways to increase your Instagram followers? It’s true that growing an profile on Instagram is a popular trend these days. Every person who has a profile particularly a business one is looking to reach more people and grow their following. But, it’s difficult to increase organic followers despite the changing trending on Instagram.

In recent years, Instagram has constantly been providing fun and innovative techniques and tools that people are able to use to increase the number of followers on their Instagram accounts. One of them is “Instagram Stories” is a innovative method to create and share content in order to gain more followers.

Around 500 million users on Instagram Utilize Instagram Stories to rope in customers and followers. There is an allotted 15 seconds for one video that can be used to engage your viewers.

If you haven’t tried this feature try it today and experience the difference. But, in order to ensure that the feature is working effectively you need to know the tricks and tricks to encourage your followers to stick around on the stories longer. If properly handled it can be a powerful tool for your Instagram account. Instagram Story feature can be an effective tool for increased engagement and organic growth of Instagram accounts. Find out more.

How Can Instagram Stories Give Your Business A Boost

This Instagram Story function can benefit you in many ways aside from helping you build organic followers. It can help you improve your strategy for visual content 10 times over. Let’s see how.

  • It is possible to increase the amount of Instagram engagement.
  • It can help increase the brand’s recognition
  • You can engage directly with people who are interested in your message and get more people to listen.
  • You can create leads quickly.
  • It can help increase sales.
  • You will receive instant feedback regarding your product or services.
  • Effective Strategies to See Amazing results from Instagram Stories

For the best outcomes you desire to see, you need to know how to use Instagram Stories the Right Way’. Here are some helpful strategies to increase your Instagram followers by using Instagram Stories.

Create engaging Stories

Make sure that your story is engaging. This is essential to success. You should spend time creating interesting and visually appealing stories that will engage your target audience. Share your story or your thoughts and ideas with your community. In designing there are plenty of options for adding stickers and filters to your media overlays, text, emojis and the list goes on. There is nothing that can stop you from creating captivating Instagram stories.

Repurpose your blog content

 Repurpose blog content to create the perfect Instagram story. Make use of your imagination and reuse your posts to create an intriguing story. For instance, you could use testimonials from interviews that provide social proof, or even break a blog and create several compelling stories out of it.

Use the correct hashtags to research:

When making your Instagram story, make sure to include relevant hashtags in order to increase the visibility of your story or post. Be sure to include long and related hashtags beneath your story. In turn, when you search for a related hashtag, your posts will be displayed on that hashtag’s website search. When you are searching for the best hashtags it is important to look for ones that are relevant to your story and also have a huge search volumes.

Engaging Quotes to Post People love to read interesting and insightful quotes. Quotes can be posted to your Instagram Story. They are the most shared items of content. It is possible to share any kind of quote, whether it be inspirational, motivational humorous, or relevant to your company. If the people who read it find it appealing and interesting, you will have engagement in your profile for a long period of time.

Ask Your Readers Questions

For a way to maintain interest it is possible to speak directly to your followers regarding your stories that you’ve posted and solicit feedback and suggestions. Also, you can encourage your readers with personal messages and talk with them about your strategies and plans. You may also seek suggestions.

Create an Instagram Story Poll – Posting polls on Instagram Stories is a innovative way to increase the number of followers on your Instagram account and attract loyal followers. Polls are a great way to engage with your followers and help them interested. When you set up an online poll, the number of people who view your Instagram stories increases since people can vote on their responses. This is how engagement grows on your Instagram account.

Advertise a service or product

The majority of people use Instagram Story to promote products or services. To get an edge you must think of new concepts and then use them to your advantage. You can also publish sponsored blog posts through Instagram Story. Instagram Story feature, for which you will be paid by sponsors. By doing this, you will improve brand recognition and create excitement. The best part is that you can promote your product or service via followers on Instagram. Instagram followers without paying to advertise.

Offer discounts and offers

Shoppers love to shop online and enjoy exciting sales and discounts. It is a great occasion to keep your followers up to date with the latest discounts and deals on the products you sell. They can be posted under the Instagram story and users are likely to start looking at the deals if it is possible to keep posting the offers regularly. This will boost the number of followers on your Instagram account, and increase its visibility on your profile.


It is no secret that the social media (Instagram) explosion is not a secret anymore and is being utilized by a growing number of businesses in the present. The competition is a lot and you need to think outside of the box! Use the strategies mentioned above to gain more followers and help your business expand.

Instagram Stories, as well as Story Highlights will help add an additional dimension to your marketing strategy and the way you interact in conversation with followers. Try them out! Post whenever your public is online, and then attempt to reply to queries and feedback.

In addition when you make use of hashtags properly, you’ll be able to reach new audiences and turn them to followers. The only thing you have to do is to search for relevant volume hashtags and share regularly with engaging content. If you are able to implement such strategies, Instagram stories could be an effective way to increase your following and followers of the Instagram account. Continue to try, keep trying!

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