UV printer: why choose it


UV printer 

UV printing is becoming increasingly popular in the last period, thanks to the increasing demand for decorated and personalized products. Small and medium quantities of gadgets can be made in a short time thanks to UV printer technology. 

UV LED printers work similar to inkjet printers, with the difference that drying is very fast, thanks to special ink and UV LED lamps positioned in the machine. This type of printing is perfectly suited to the personalization of gadgets of any kind, from classic water bottles to key rings, passing through pens and USB sticks. You will no longer have material problems, you can customize any object you want to decorate!

UV led printer: how it works

The UV printer includes a series of LED lamps that allow instant drying of the color. To work, this type of printer uses special inks, capable of drying almost immediately through a polymerization process. The modern features in UV printer in Pakistan allow extremely precise color distribution, to ensure excellent print quality; perfect results in a short time! Cold UV lamps, for example, are safe, long-lasting, and do not emit substances harmful to humans. They work without heat, they do not need heating to print, but the laying of the color will still be indelible.

UV printers and inks

The UV printer needs a special type of inks. In addition to the classic black, cyan, magenta, and yellow colors, two special inks are available: white, to be used on transparent surfaces such as, for example, Plexiglas or on colored materials and gloss, a transparent ink to create glossy effects or in relief.

To print on some materials it is necessary to use a primer. Although LED UV ink adheres to many materials, there are some – such as glass and metals – that need an extra boost. The primer is used precisely for this, to facilitate the fixing of the color, thus guaranteeing even more lasting results.

The advantages of the UV printer

Do you need a UV-led printer? Yes, for a series of countless advantages :

  • It has a quick return on investment 
  • It is extremely versatile ;
  • You will be able to customize your gadgets in total autonomy;
  • You will have fast results , without waiting for the ink to dry;
  • The color will be bright and resistant over time:

It is suitable for any surface: Plexiglas, expanded PVC, aluminum, plastic, glass, paper, wood, stone, and leather.

UV printing vs sublimation printing

Why choose a UV printer over sublimation? Sublimation printing can only be performed on polyester and to achieve it, you must also be in possession of a heat press, thus making the operation longer and more cumbersome. 

UV printing adapts to any surface and does not need additional equipment to function. But if you want to know more, check out our article on sublimation printing.

UV printer price

The UV printer is not one of the cheapest printers, but it is definitely an investment to make, particularly if you want to expand your product range. Having a UV printer at your disposal means providing your customers with fast and professional service, suitable for the customization of many different materials, to satisfy anyone’s needs.

Forget drying times, with the UV printer you can deliver the job in a very short time, having the certainty of a precise and long-lasting result. Whatever you want to print, you can do it thanks to UV-led technology!

In addition to UV printers for the personalization of gadgets, there are also large format UV plotters in reel, flatbed, or hybrid, that are capable of printing both in reel and on panels.

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