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what is joe SEO process



The most common bad practice is simply choosing to ignore the page, which is easy to do, especially if you’re using WooCommerce. The page will automatically populate itself with products as you categorize them, so you may not ever even look at it.

This is a big mistake, since the default page can look fairly bare design-wise, and you’re missing out on an opportunity to include more keywords on the page.

Here’s where you should be optimizing keywords on your category page:The category names themselves should be a ranking keyword!In your page title and headers, especially your H1 header. To draw the most organic traffic, put the category and keywords rather than your brand name first in the page title.You should add a custom meta description to category pages, or else Google could end up pulling unrelated text off the page.Many designers hesitate to add copy to category pages; who wants to scroll past an essay when they’re trying to shop? But adding a small blurb at the bottom that strategically uses ranking keywords can be a great idea.If you add featured products or other internal advertisements, use text rather than banners and images to promote them to make sure you’re ranking for keywords for seo joe .

Another common mistake is having a messy URL slug. Set your category URLs to be clean, such as, or better yet,

Finally, you may need to use canonical URLs if your category pages have a search, pagination, or filter tool.Set Up Your Product Pages for SEO Success

What makes an optimized product page? Every one must have these elements:A unique product description. Optionally product specs, an FAQ, and a shorter blurb for promotion on other pages.Product photos and videos.A CTA such as Buy Now or Add to cart.Info like price, availability, product variations, etc.Reviews from customers who bought the item.

With all of this, you have a solid product page that’s ready to be optimized with keyword research and other SEO tactics. For more details, check our article on eCommerce UI design and mobile design for online shops.

You want your product pages to be unique. Too many stores make the mistake of using the manufacturer descriptions, which can get you penalized for duplicate content and are rarely compelling anyway.

If you want to stand out front the competition, everything must be original content written with user interest and keyword research in mind. Optimize for search engines, but design for users.

That also goes for your metadata. Many stores use a generic meta description that’s identical across all product pages. Writing a unique description that targets users and keywords both is far more likely to attract attention.

Finally, it’s important that your product pages load quickly and are responsive on mobile devices. With mobile commerce making up such a large chunk of eCommerce traffic, and load time a major factor in bounce rate, this is imperative.

There’s much more you can do to optimize your product pages, including internal linking and image optimization, so let’s keep going.Create an Effective Internal Linking Structure

One of the best ways to build up joe SEO and get eyes on your products is with a good internal linking structure. Follow these best practices:Keep link depth to products minimal. This is the number of clicks it takes to get from the homepage to the target page. For example, clicking the homepage, category page, and then reaching a product page is a good link depth. You could even link to some products on your homepage.Design clean and straightforward navigation. It should be easy to find products and categories in your shop both from your homepage and with the menus.Link to your most important categories on the homepage and menu. Leave niche sub-categories on the top-level category pages or in a category list to keep your main navigation short and sweet.Set up breadcrumb navigation for nested categories.Use dynamically generated popular, related, and recently viewed products to naturally link to your best items. Place these in categories, on the homepage, and especially on other product pages.If you also have tags, don’t use tags that are identical to any category.Make anchor, CTA, and button text relevant and use keywords, rather than just Click here.Use your blog to promote products and categories.Optimize Your Product Images

Images may seem like a small part of eCommerce joe SEO, but there’s a lot to touch on here. Taking high-quality product images that will make people want to buy is only the first step. From there, you need to optimize these images for SEO.

How the picture looks doesn’t matter much for SEO, since crawlers can’t see them. What they can see, however, is metadata such as the file name and alt text, and how long it takes an image to load.Don’t just name your images a number or random string of letters. Take this chance to add keywords!Adding helpful ALT text for screen readers will give you an SEO boost on its own, but you can also naturally add a few keywords in.By adding multiple product showcase images on each page, you have the opportunity to use more keywords and get better SEO.

A common bad practice is uploading a huge image file to your site, which is bound to slow things down and get you penalized. Resize them and use an image compressor app to smush the file size down to under 100kb. Even large images should never be over 1mb.

On the other hand, grainy photos won’t make people want to purchase your goods. Compress just enough to strip unnecessary file size without damaging the quality of the image.Implement Rich Snippets to Stand Out in Search

If you haven’t already set up schema markup on your site, you’re really missing out. In the primarily text-based Google search pages, a little bit of visual interest can go a long way.

Rich results personalize your pages when they appear in search, adding a photo, a star rating, a review snippet, and more. They’re only suitable for some types of pages, and it’s up to luck whether they display as a rich result, but even a small change can draw the eye and make you more likely to get clicks.

To get a rich result, you’ll need to set up structured data/schema markup on each page. You can add structured data manually, or WordPress users can simply use an SEO plugin like Yoast or All in One SEO which lets you do this without code. Dedicated schema markup plugins also exist and you can find them in the linked article.

As an eCommerce site, these rich snippets are most relevant to you:Product: Of course, the product snippet will be the one you use most. Show pricing, ratings, and more.Local Business: Have a physical store? Set up your local business knowledge panel.Logo: Show your business logo when people search for you.Review snippet: Display a snippet of reviews left on your products or business.Sitelinks searchbox: Let people search your catalog from Google.Breadcrumb: If you set up your categories and other pages correctly, breadcrumb rich results could help people navigate.Article: For eCommerce sites that come with a blog.Video: Show off your best product showcases.The Importance of Ecommerce SEO

When it comes to online stores, “normal” SEO isn’t enough. While many of the common tactics do apply to eCommerce sites, there’s a lot more you need to do if you want to thrive in the competitive online market.

Ecommerce-specific SEO tactics such as designing category and product pages, optimizing internal product linking, taking advantage of multiple images, and creating rich snippets can all help you get the results you’re looking for.

Have you used these specific tactics with your online store’s SEO? Which worked out best for you? Let us know in the

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Top 5 Business-Friendly Cities in Ontario Province



Business-Friendly Cities in Ontario Province

Starting a business in the Ontario province has always been a wonderful idea. Canada, and Ontario especially, has quite a bit going for it, in the business sense, and it shows. Some of the most successful businesses in Canada can be found in the Ontario province. So, if you’re planning on starting your business, or moving your business somewhere new, Ontario is probably the best choice. This raises the question however: where exactly should you go? Well, we have prepared a list of the top 5 business-friendly cities in Ontario Province in order to help you figure that out.

1. Mississauga

Mississauga might be just a mid-sized city in the Ontario Province, but has proven to be one of the best cities in the province for doing business. When it comes to economic potential, it’s hard to beat Mississauga. From research and development to tech manufacturing, the city offers top notch talent for pretty much any business industry. The city’s commitment to advanced manufacturing, expanding cleantech, finance, life sciences and information technology is what earns it it’s place on the list of top 5 business-friendly cities in Ontario though. If you are interested in starting a business in any of these sectors, you can’t go wrong with Mississauga. Even if you’re planning on starting a small business, this city has a lot to offer you. Of course, you should still keep in mind these tips small businesses should know. Getting an edge on the competition is quite important, after all.

people at business meeting

Mississauga has been a hub for various types of businesses in a lot of sectors, and has recently been growing its business scene.

2. Kitchener

Staying on track with tech related business, Kitchener is one of the best cities in Ontario for manufacture. Where Mississauga offers quite a bit of choice with its business, Kitchener is much more focused on specifically the manufacture industry. On top of that, the employment rate in the city is one of the highest in Ontario. Due to the nature of the manufacturing industry, Kitchener also offers meaningful employment in its industry. Recently, the city has also become a very fast-growing hub for innovation technology. So, if you’re interested in becoming a part of those industries, start planning for your business now. And whether you need to move the equipment for your business or move in yourself, remember that you should only rely on local, experienced experts to get your there. Fortunately, there are Kitchener-based experts at your disposal to get you there without any issues whatsoever.

3. Toronto

No list of business-friendly cities in Ontario Province is complete without mentioning Toronto. Toronto has consistently been the economical center of Canada, not just the province. When it comes to business, your options are almost infinite. The city has an abundance of resources and opportunities for potential businesses to make use of. And the businesses which are already in Toronto have been extremely successful since the start. As proof of this, more than a third of the biggest 800 corporations in Canada chose Toronto as their headquarters. This includes Canada’s largest financial institutions, which should be plenty of proof that Toronto is one of the most business-friendly cities in Canada overall. No matter what kind of business you want to start, risk in Toronto is fairly minimal. Of course, you should still consider the risks of relying on outdated technology, but Toronto will be a great place for business regardless.

people in front of Toronto sign

Toronto has been the economical center of Canada for a very long time, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

4. Waterloo

While it’s not as big as the other cities on this list, Waterloo is still full of opportunity for business. Waterloo is considered fertile ground for cultivating new businesses, as it offers amazing talent in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) sectors. The presence of major employers and overall low unemployment rate also make Waterloo a popular spot for business. Being home to the University of Waterloo, it has no shortage of quality talent. In addition, the city is a famous tech hub., and its proximity to other business hubs such as Toronto make it very business-friendly. Overall, Waterloo’s business scene has been growing. Experts from Centennial Moving note that they’ve helped a significant people move to Waterloo for work. A city like Waterloo is constantly growing thanks to the business it creates, and that is one of the best things a city has to offer to potential businesses.

5. Hamilton

If your interest is aimed more towards research and life sciences, then Hamilton is where you should go to. Hamilton is already home to some of the best life science and research institutions. In addition, it has a state-of-the-art research park dedicated to the sciences. Also, the city has 9th largest regional income in Canada, which should interest anyone who intends to start a business in the Ontario Province. When it comes to connectivity, only Toronto can beat Hamilton. Connectivity is something which has been a driving force in the business world since the start. And Hamilton is a connectivity hub, especially for the goods movement industry. However, digital marketing has been a relatively new contender on the business scene. As such, you should consider how digital marketing can be used to build a positive image of your company, since a good image is important in the long-run.

people shaking hands

Hamilton has become an important hub for research and life sciences and related business.

Top 5 business-friendly cities in Ontario Province – final thoughts

Canada, and Ontario specifically, has always been extremely business-friendly. A lot of successful businesses can be found in the province, and there’s very good reason for that. While most business in Ontario is situated in hubs like Toronto, smaller cities have plenty of opportunities to offer too. There are equal opportunities for both big companies and small businesses to be found in this province. Overall, finding success in one of the 5 cities mentioned in this list is relatively easy and risk free, so long as you know what you’re doing. We hope this list of the top 5 business-friendly cities in Ontario Province has been informative, and we wish you a wonderful rest of your day.

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What Everyone Must Know About Holographic Stickers Custom




Nowadays, holographic stickers custom process is common and companies are using this tool for product promotion. Moreover, these labels are embedded with creative business logos and brand missions. These stickers create to provide extra security to the various brand products. On the other hand, the plus point is that the images on the labels make branded items much more complicated for counterfeiters to imitate. Also, these labels provide authentic products to the end customers. The custom stickers create a positive brand reputation and establish a brand image in the customer’s mind.

 Although, the best reason to design this tool is that these labels carry some personalized product information that helps the company to grow in the market. So, you can design your brand logo and target audience by designing unique labels. Therefore, these labels hold information about the items and give the overall picture of the item to the potential customers. You can add all the product elements on the labels and it became part of the product purchasing. In IT companies these labels build to create a higher level of security for branded packaging and documents.

Moreover, this is a unique technique to establish a brand in the market and reach the end customers. People are always attracted to the excellent and classy packaging so these labels are part of the wrapping of the products. Also, these labels provide more security and describe the product application on the labels. The sticker images should be unique and cannot be copied by other competitors. Other than that, the unique images with specific designs grab the audience’s eye. This is a promotional tool and this cannot break easily. The product positioning is easy by this promotional strategy. Furthermore, this is best to use in brand packages and documents. These custom holographic stickers can be widely used for various industries, such as tobacco, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, kids’ toys, electronics, automobiles, etc.

Importance of Holographic Stickers Custom

The holographic stickers custom is important in product packaging. It is an attractive tool to grab the customers. Keep in mind you can add various dimensions to your product branding with custom holographic stickers. Moreover, these high-quality tags have a classy brilliant shine and clean finish that alter with various lighting effects and angles. You can use vibrant colors in printing like dark colors using to get Gold certified shimmery effect. Also, this is the best marketing tool and it is easy to get the competitive edge of its unique properties. The ink you use in this process is environmentally-friendly and long-lasting. In addition, stickers printing wholesale price is affordable for all types of business. This product is rich and uses consistent color to have a clearer image that highlights every product detail.

On the other hand, these labels are perfect for sealing event invitations as well as gift wrapping. This is best to use when you are new in the business and want to introduce your product in the market. It is the best tool for packaging and advertising your business. Now, holographic stickers in the business world are gaining significance for all the right reasons. In addition, this is the proficient packaging for the products. It is the safest option to go for if you want to secure your products from counterfeiting and tampering.

Furthermore, the two important factors are quality and sustainability you can get both in these stickers. If you also want a great option, then these stickers are the best way to go. So, people prefer to choose this option because you can get such labels with a high level of customization. In addition, you should opt for this tool for growth and business profit.

Reason for Choosing Holographic Stickers

Protect your items and brand name

When you talk about the brand image then you should opt for this sticker promotional option. Therefore, this is mainly used to give an attractive look to the products. It is very difficult to tamper with these stickers and hence the quality of your product remains intact for the long term. So, the security is very high that’s why it is hard to counterfeit. The brands are used to secure the products and to create the brand name among the customers in the market.

 Create brand identity

Holographic stickers custom is the best option to create the brand image in the customers’ minds. Therefore, you can enhance your brand by printing these stickers on the products. This packaging tool is very famous these days because it gets elevated manifold. So, getting hold of high-quality stickers is not tough. This help to build a brand image and identity in the customers’ mind so the brand works well when you choose the right promotional tool.

Source of tamper-proof security

These tags are designed such that any tampering attempt with the product is very well evident. So, the good quality stickers ensure your brand is secure under every circumstance. The high-quality material of your stickers remains stick and secure in the place. Stickers printing wholesale is the best option to grab this option.

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All The Wonderful Advantages of Retail Boxes




One of the fairly new trends in the market is to use packaging as an inviting factor for products. The impact that packaging has on the reputation of a brand is immense. There probably is a long list of reasons why good packaging is important for a successful business. No matter if the brand is new or it is well-established, having well-boxed items is always of service. Packaging, therefore, is the biggest tool through which any brand can differentiate its retail items from all the others. Perhaps, nice-looking packaging is the biggest appealing factor of a product. The attractiveness of a good-looking box makes sure that the customers are drawn into making the final purchase decision. Retail boxes are most effective at strengthening the appearance of retail items. These boxes play a huge role in projecting a positive image of your retail business.

The Ultimate Safety Measure

Retail packaging has a diversified usage just because of all its amazing features. Out of all their exceptional features, their ability to cushion all the items safely is the best. Most merchants, retailers and wholesalers use these boxes to ensure endless security for their products. Whether the goods are to be shipped or stored somewhere, these boxes are equally serviceable in both considerations. The efficient workforce of these boxes makes them so practical in every industry. These boxes are ideal for not only storing and protecting products but also for presenting retail items in a more appealing way.

A Great Marketing Tool

Retail boxes are a perfect place where brands can put all their marketing material. As retailers are bound to pay for the shelf space, it is appropriate to utilize this space to the fullest. The catchier the display of the product, the more customers get drooled by it. Good product packaging involves using unique components such as colors, typefaces, graphics and images. All these enticing features create an eye-catching display around a company’s name or brand. If created well, packaging can act as the most effective marketing tool for any brand.

Here’s how a brand can upgrade the advertisement of a packaging box:

Build A Narrative

Creating a meaningless box is of no use. A brand can add the efforts in their retail boxes but a lack of interpretation will ruin all the fun. Brands need to give meaning to their packaging, for instance, the addition of a brand name, logo and elucidation can multiply the worth of a retail product. Make the whole point of packaging more understandable. Use tactics that will create an everlasting impact on the customers.

Add Descriptive Details

This is one of the most crucial stages of the whole packaging process. It requires a lot of thoughtful thinking and evaluation to determine what information is worthy of putting on the box. Too much boring information can lead to a lack of interest in the customers. Therefore, it is always appreciable to use catchy words and taglines to excite customers more. Keeping it simple and real is the key here.

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