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Quranic memorization techniques

Learn online Quran for kids is of course a honor in Islam that brings countless Muslims in this life and the hereafter. The entire task of learning it with the right pronunciation can be mentally, spiritually, and physically challenging.

However, it is not a matter of fact that it is not possible. If so, you will not see a child memorizing the whole Quran. You might ask -whether there will be a secret way to memorize the Quran easily or faster? Of course, there are some great tips that can help one memorize text quickly and easily.

Aiming to help our Muslim brothers and sisters, we have created a list of incredible Quran memorization techniques. Continue reading blogs to find out what these tips and techniques are.

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Simple quran memorization techniques

If you want to take advantage of God’s blessing, you must be in a position to accept it, and therefore, strive to achieve it and benefit the maximum. Here is the best and most comprehensive Quran memorization technique you can follow to make the trip easier:

Be sincere

The most important tip of all the techniques of memorizing the Quran is to make a sincere intention to study the book of Allah Almighty. When you mean studying the Quran, you should purify your intentions and goals from studying. Make sure that your intention is to seek God’s pleasure and compassion. If your intention is pure, Allah Almighty will make a memorization easier for you. This can be seen in the following sentences:

“And of course we make the Quran easy to remember. So, are there anyone who will be aware? ”(Al-Qamar: 17)

But if anyone reads and memorizes the Quran just to show and hear, he will not have a gift on the day of judgment. In this regard, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Allah says, ‘I am the most independent and I do not need a rank. Thus, he who does action for others, and even mys, will have the action I have left to Him that he connects with me. “[Sunan Ibn Majah]

Seeking the help of the Almighty

Before starting the process of memorizing al -Quran, just write yourself to remain determined, from as many trips as difficult for you. Switch to Allah Almighty and seek His help and support in this regard.

Find the free range of interruptions

Another important tip of today’s memorizing techniques is to say no to interruption! With continued arrival, new types of electronic gadgets and games and social media notifications are always crawling for our attention, influencing our attention as a result. You will not succeed in memorizing the sentences if you sit in a hard and crowded environment. So, what’s the best strategy to memorize?

This is to find a room or place in a mosque that will be free from interruption. Complete the ponsels, laptops, and other gadgets you have. Find a peaceful and free place from all hearing and visual disorders. If you live with others, ask them not to disturb the moment or invite your family members to memorize the Quran with you.

Say no on distractions

Choose a specific time to memorize the Quran

Time is very important in the case of Quranic memorization techniques. Choose a specific time in a day and allocations for this true action. Find out the best time slots when you can be the most productive and attentive to learn these verses. Now, what’s the best time to memorize?

Well, it’s actually hanging, but the morning is a very good choice. This is the time when the mind and the human body are fresh and receptive, and their minds keep new information easily.

Make your habit of getting up early online Quran for kids and offer a morning prayer. After that, we spend time doing nasty activities such as watching TV, listening to

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