A Complete Guide to Real Estate Video Marketing


Enormous technological advancements bring exceptional evolution, thereby providing a digital-centric environment. For the same reason, video content marketing is extensively used across various industries. You must know that the real estate industry stands no exception.

Various studies and researches state that videos incorporated in real estate listings acquire 403% more inquiries than those without. As a result, realtors are finding it easy to reach new clients, while real estate video marketing is gaining tremendous interest.

Real estate marketers find it difficult to obtain potential clients without video content. Surveys state that valued customers are finding no interest in visiting properties without watching an efficient property listing video. 

Leading real estate marketers frequently post video content over various social networking platforms. If you’re associated with a real estate agency and have not started executing your video ideas, it’s high time you should. Today, through this article, we will be comprehensively guiding you on the whereabouts of real estate video marketing. Let’s get started.

Video Marketing in Real Estate: What Role Does Video Play?

In recent years, video content has been moving towards setting new standards in the real estate industry. It is because the realtors can procure a direct response to consumer demand. The National Association of Realtors mentioned that – as much as 36% of people consider video content as an efficient information source.

Besides, as many as 85% of property sellers and buyers prefer working with those realtors who use video as marketing efforts. So, we can readily say that video marketing fulfills consumer needs at distinctive stages – conversion and brand awareness.

Learn the Ways How Video Marketing Works in Real Estate

Video marketing works fine across all industries of Real Estate. Let us take a quick look at the two different stages of fulfilling customer needs:

  • Increased Sales Considerably Amplifying the Conversion Rates

Incorporating video content in real estate will magnify the queries; it is crucial to instill it right away. Video content has magnificently paved the way for understanding the products and services of various real estate industries. Moreover, purchasing the product is likely to increase by 64%.

  • Potential Brand Awareness

Many people obtain help and guidance from potential agents while purchasing or selling a property, which results in the agents being picked out based on their brand. Real estate businesses believe that video works as an effective medium for optimizing brand awareness.

Realtors can advertise their brand on popular social networking sites, increasing website traffic. And since the majority of the people remain hooked to the social media platforms, the number of views grows exceptionally huge. Moreover, video content efficiently raises brand awareness within a small yet holistic budget.

Realtors can make extensive use of efficient video makers for joining different videos at various stages. This provides the opportunity to portray distinctive phases of the real estate business as it keeps growing.

Compelling Statistics of Real Estate Video Marketing

Realtors must be wondering whether or not video content marketing is effectively helpful. Besides queries, video content marketing can also deliver a more significant number of estate listings.

Compiled here are a few statistics, which show to have wonderfully worked:

  • Around 51% of property buyers and sellers have made YouTube their one-stop destination for extensive research before purchasing.
  • Real estate listings incorporated with video marketing get as much as 403%.
  • The 21st century witnessed a significant rise in property sales by 20%.
  • As many as 73% of people or homeowners prefer listing with real estate agents who incorporate videos.

Excruciating Challenges Faced by Realtors in Real Estate Video Marketing

Video marketing in real estate is quite a compelling approach. However, even though it shows all signs of positivity, it comes with more significant challenges for producing and promoting videos. Collated here are a few challenges faced by realtors in video marketing. Read through to find out whether or not you will be able to tackle them.

Meager Budget

The limited budget might bring forth this unprecedented challenge. However, one can opt for a video maker tool at lower costs to get started. On the other hand, social networking sites have a higher capability of promoting video content, thereby inflating sales and conversion rates.

Lack of Equipment and Experiences

It can be a hard pill to swallow, but dealing with this challenge can be intimidating. While incorporating video marketing in real estate, one needs to have experience and the correct equipment. Failing to possess them will not allow you to produce a polished and well-constructed video.

So, starting from scratch will first require realtors to remove sub-par videos out of the way. After which, upgrading equipment needs to get better at producing great videos. To begin formulating creative and top-quality videos, one requires:

Commencement and Production Unsure

One can consider this a legitimate objection by remaining unsure about the production and the time of commencement. It mainly occurs when realtors do not have an exquisite plan for doing the same. So, if one doesn’t have a fixed aim and doesn’t know where they are headed, they’ll end up somewhere else.

Camera Shy or Uneasy to Be on Camera

This objection while producing videos is quite common and has been mentioned by many realtors. However, it is entirely erroneous. Unlike models, actors-actresses, news anchors, etc., many people do not like themselves getting captured. But it is essential to be on camera, which has a massive impact on your sales and conversion rates.

Compelling Ways to Execute the Best Real Estate Marketing Video

It takes a lot to create videos. But inculcating the ideal practices will only help realtors formulate a refined marketing video. Some of the fascinating ways to execute the best real estate marketing video are:

  • Maintaining perfect authenticity
  • Incorporating the right sound or music
  • Attaching a precise story for delivering the story
  • Lastly, inculcating strategic details will allow distributing and significantly promoting online videos.

Types of Videos Applicable for Real Estate Marketing

There are various video options for creating the best real estate marketing video. Some of them are:

  • Agent profile videos
  • Informational and how-to videos
  • Agency promo videos
  • Agent profile videos
  • Neighborhood videos
  • Listing videos
  • Drone videos
  • Video tour
  • Video ads
  • Testimonial videos, etc.

To Conclude

You’re likely to get started as you have significantly made it to the end of this comprehensive guide. Realtors can notice considerable differences in their real estate business, keeping the suggestions mentioned above in mind.

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