Accessories to have at a Cellphone repair store


Mobile phone accessories play an important part in protecting the phone and keeping it safe. It also acts as eye candy by bringing personalization, glamor and color to your phones. By placing them at a cell phone repair store, one can attract more foot flow and generate revenue.

Must have accessories at a Cell Phone Repair Store

Following are a few accessories that are considered as a must have. They are used and purchased every day bringing positive ROI.

Tempered Glass

To enhance the usability and experience, the customers prefer to get a tempered glass screen. Its significant ability to hold pressure has increased its usage by protecting customer devices from breakage.


They are one of the most important accessories for a mobile phone user. Its wear and tear make it vulnerable. Hence making it an in-demand product. Stocking them will help increase your sales and boost your revenues.

Mobile holders

Mobile holders help users to carry their smartphones wherever they go. They help you conveniently work on the phone on the go and protect it from damage. They are in demand because of their use in vehicles. The mobile holders help people continue using phones even while driving. The cell phone repair stores should stock a variation of them like sticky phone holders, steering wheel holders and more to keep the bucks rolling.

Power banks

Cell phones are used round the clock, and the customers want their devices to be charged 24*7. To fulfill this need, power banks came into existence. They are portable, compatible, have multiple charging ports, and can charge any device like a phone, smartwatch, etc. This crowd-pleaser requires a special placement on the shelf of a cell phone repair store.

Phone cases

Phone cases are important as they protect mobile phones from accidental and exterior damage and from scratches on their bodies. It is the most commonly used and customized accessory. Personalized cell phone covers are great in demand, so the cell phone repair store should stock different colors and designs to attract clientele.

Air pod and AirPods cases

Air pods are the demand of this generation. Being wireless and easily portable ranks it high among the eye of users. Despite being so compact, they produce great sound, improved battery life and are a one size fit all solution. Air Pods cases accompany AirPods. Users are customizing their AirPods cases to add personalization and uniqueness to their products, making them a high in-demand product. The cell phone repair store should stock both of them in various designs to increase their order value and attract both genders.


Smartwatches are everyday gadgets. These mini-computers are wearable on your wrist in the form of a watch. According to estimates, its market size in 2021 is USD 22.46 Billion. It is an extension of your cell phone. Hence you can see your phone content without reaching the cell phone. Features like incoming calls, GPS messages, weather information, and more drive its sale. It also provides sensor data like heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking.

Cell phone repair stores like APEX Mobile should stock all the famous brands to generate more revenue and attract all age groups, including children.

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