Giveaways Kill Your Instagram Account (in Most Cases)


They’re not new, but due to Instagram’s new algorithm that has changed, they are no longer as effective as they did in the past. In the beginning, when you start an offer, all goes well:

  • Your followers grow rapidly.
  • Engagement rises.
  • You appear to be on the verge of achieving your goals.

But what happens following the giveaway? The giveaway has come to a beginning. The reasons for this and methods to minimize the harm are the focus of this article check now

Typical Giveaway Scenario

We can identify two kinds of Instagram contests: massive common giveaways and business-specific ones. Of the two, one of them is helpful for your account since it will draw your group of followers.

The large-scale general-purpose contests with their prize are not targeted at your target audience but at those who would like to have something at no cost.

A renowned cosmetics brand from the world gives away appropriate products to its target audience.

The mechanics and premise of contests remain identical. You announce the competition, offer a prize, and create the participants’participants’ conditions to meet.

The strategy initially begins to work, and people start following you, commenting on the content you post (if you require them to as part of the guidelines) or tag you, view your videos, and then on. In this way, you make the Instagram algorithm believe your content is of high quality, and Instagram starts to display your profile to a wider number of users. You are happy to give the award to the winner(s).

All of this happens only during the time you’re running your giveaway.

What happens after the contest ends? The engagement decreases, the impressions decrease, and you lose followers.

What are the risks of some giveaways for your bank account?

To comprehend what went wrong following the contest, it’s important to understand how the Instagram algorithm operates. It’s been mentioned on numerous occasions. Therefore let’s examine Instagram’s clever reasoning in a simple way that the platform will show us only interesting content which we’re likely to like, comment on, share and share.

Accounts that we interact with frequently are featured ahead of all others. This is why Instagram evaluates the content based on the previous interactions with that account.

Instagram combats bots, fake engagement, fake followers, and even spam. Instagram guidelines also govern contests. Moreover, improperly organized giveaways could seriously hurt your account’s statistics.

You are a magnet for ghost followers.

The prizes like laptops, iPhones, automobiles, and other items that are not exclusive and costly draw insignificant customers to your account.

If you’re thinking about increasing your visibility by giving away an iPad, do not think about it. The prize is likely to draw the attention of those who aren’t interested in your work.

You can be certain that the people who won will either unfollow you or remain on your list by becoming ghost followers following this giveaway. Ghost followers can harm your account’s ER and are only used as decorative metrics.

If you host the loop giveaway, also known as a loop giveaway, in conjunction with other bloggers, among the requirements is that you promise to draw viewers to their websites, and your partners are affected, too.

Your ER decreases.

In an event, you’re asking users to participate in your content and stories by liking, commenting, or sharing. The reason people do this is because if they don’t, they’ll not win the prize for which they’ve come to you.

When you identify the winner, they cease to engage with your content, and they don’t reply to them regardless of the quality of your content. You’ve probably identified the reason: they aren’t your customers, and neither do you nor your content appeal to them.

So, your engagement decreases as Instagram considers that your content doesn’t have the right to be seen by others. In the end, fewer people will see your content and stories.

People stop following you. Massively.

If the uninterested audience doesn’t switch to ghost followers, Instagram will stop following you. The effectiveness of the Instagram algorithm is at work when people remove you from their feeds. Instagram estimates your account as being uninteresting and useless.

Then, it takes longer and more effort to get it back.

Businesses and brands that aren’t aware of how the Instagram algorithm works fall into the trap of giveaways. They run one giveaway following the next to enhance the overall experience, and it does the same. Then, it becomes a challenge between the company and its Social Media Managers to bring back the account from its death.

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However, not all giveaways are created equal.

  • How can you organize a contest that won’t end with dead accounts?
  • One rule is that your giveaways should be targeted to a specific niche.
  • You could be an artist who would like to increase your customers’ engagement and sales of your service (photoshoots).

Which is the best way to go?

The incorrect way to do it is to give away smartphones. This giveaway won’t be successful as it is because a) there aren’t enough people wanting to win this prize, and) none of them reside within the location where you’re providing your services. Therefore you’ll be able to attract people who aren’t interested in your products or content.

The wrong way to do it: give customers the camera. If you’re a professional photographer with content designed to draw clients, the camera isn’t a great deal. Sure, it’s niche-specific; however, it’s not targeted at an audience. If you’re trying to bring other photographers onto your website, then by any means, you should give the camera away. In other instances, it is not advisable to do so.

The best way to do this is to Give a free photoshoot. The prize will be interesting for your clients. Brands and regular Instagram followers that follow your account are the most likely to be impressed by your work. A free photo session could be a great option to gain new followers and customers.

Other helpful tips to follow:

Know your audience’s wants and needs. Provide your customers with something they’d like from you. To discover what they won’t, check out the comments they post under your blog posts or create polls in your stories, and then check the audience your competition would like them to do.

Be sure to fulfill the commitment. If you have promised to award prizes to the commenters of the contest’s post, ensure that you have enough tips to give to the winners. Remember the story of a swimming suit company that didn’t have enough swimsuits to give away after their huge giveaway?

Learn your hashtags. To draw more participants to your giveaway, Use the hashtags your target audience searches for similar content to yours. You can employ tools such as Combin Growth to find relevant hashtags for your search to achieve this.

Make sure you are clear about the rules. In the caption of your contest post, include a clear description of the things that the public must accomplish to win the prize: share the post or tag your account on it to repost it, and so on.

Set the date of the contest.

  • What happens if I’m a giveaway partner?

If you’re working with a blogger or brand to host an event as a sponsor, there are some considerations before you even begin.

First, be sure that the brand or blogger you’d like to work with has many followers. If the page has low engagement, many ghost followers, or bots, you shouldn’t even consider the idea of collaborating, as it would be an absolute waste of time and your money.

If the account is working, ensure that the contest will interest your blog’s followers and like-minded people. As we mentioned earlier, be aware of the prize you intend to award.

Usually, sponsors of giveaways will agree to collaborate with bloggers because the contestants will be following the brand’s account. Before collaborating is completed, ensure that your blog is relevant to the audience of the blogger or brand. If it is not, everyone who follows you for the prize will be removed from your account when the contest ends. In simple terms, any charges with teenagers as the target group should not be sponsoring giveaways aimed at moms with toddlers.


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