Online Tajweed Course for Kids – A Unique Opportunity to Learn Quran Online


Tajweed refers to the rules of reciting the Quran; it’s similar to how we might speak English using proper grammar and pronunciation. It’s often taught as part of an Islamic school curriculum, but what if there was a way that your child could learn Tajweed without leaving home? That’s where Pak Quran Academy comes in, with their unique and effective online tajweed course specifically designed for kids. Understanding the Quran Read on to learn more about this unique learning opportunity, including everything from its features to pricing plans.

Who Can Sign Up?

All students, irrespective of their age, are eligible to join. If you’re a teenager or even an adult and you’re interested in learning how to read Quran from scratch, or if you want to perfect your recitation skills, then we invite you to register for our online classes.

Features and Benefits

When Pak Quran Academy was looking at setting up their online center, they wanted to make sure it offered something unique and special. They also recognized that a lot of parents want their children learning religious education in a safe environment. The final result is an online Quranic course (tajweed) that is fun, interactive and helps children learn how to read and memorize verses of Islamic literature in a way never before possible.

How does it Compare to Other Online Programs?

Unlike many online classes and education programs, Pak Quran Academy’s online tajweed course teaches tajweed pronunciation through a uniquely interactive approach that develops a student’s intuitive sense of how to read Arabic. The program consists of 20 steps divided into 10 units. This step-by-step approach offers students guidance and support as they improve their reading skills. Another great thing about these courses is that students can complete one unit at a time or work on more than one at once. Each unit requires roughly 15 minutes per day in order to complete it within six weeks—the amount of time it typically takes Osmosis students to master new information.                   

The Classes Provided in Osmosis

Osmosis is a breakthrough technique developed by Pak Quran Academy that combines tajweed rules with audio recordings of recitation. The classes provided in Osmosis are designed for children who cannot go out of their homes or live far away from their masjid. But, what if you’re a parent and would like your child to learn online? Osmosis online classes can be attended by students living outside Pakistan too!

Free Trial Offer

To help families make informed decisions about enrolling their children in online tajweed courses, Pak Quran Academy offers a free trial on their online learning platform. With an easy-to-use interface and expert online teachers, Pak Quran Academy’s online tajweed course is designed with your child’s age and interest in mind. Register now!

Target Audience

Learn Quran Kids offers children a comprehensive online tajweed course. To help children learn proper recitation, we’ve developed an online interactive tajweed course. Designed for young students ages 3 to 8, our online learning platform includes animated videos, games and fun activities that reinforce lessons in proper pronunciation and tone. With our lessons, children learn how to read each letter of the Arabic alphabet and how it is pronounced. When all letters are combined together, Quran Memorization they form words that can be easily memorized by our students.

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