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The Comprehensive Guide Federal Courts in Oklahoma



Guide Federal Courts in Oklahoma

The United States Constitution gives Congress the power to create a federal court system. The U.S. Constitution also provides that only states may establish district courts, which are courts of limited jurisdiction that hear cases involving state law only. Federal courts have jurisdiction over all other matters, including those that involve federal law and those that involve both state and federal laws.

In addition to hearing civil cases, federal courts also have authority to issue orders regulating commerce between states as well as between foreign nations and the U.S., declare war, appoint inferior officers and advise the president on judicial appointments and removal from office, among others. In addition, certain procedur rules (such as the rules for discovery) apply only to federal courts; these rules do not apply in state court proceedings or in tribal court proceedings (see Tribal Court Jurisdiction).

The federal courts of Oklahoma are created by Article III of the Constitution. The United States District Courts, located in each state, have jurisdiction to hear civil cases, criminal cases and certain appeals. The U.S. District Courts are part of the judicial system that is overseen by the Judicial Conference of the United States, which meets biannually at times specified by Congress.

Different types of Federal courts in Oklahoma

Federal courts in Oklahoma have a number of different types of jurisdictions. The most common types of federal court in Oklahoma are the district court and bankruptcy court.

·       District Courts

The United States District Court is the main trial court for most criminal cases and some civil cases. Most serious federal crimes, such as murder or kidnapping, are prosecuted in the district court. The district court also hears all appeals from state courts, including appeals from the state supreme court. The district courts are divided into two geographical regions: Northern and Southern. Each has 11 judges who hear cases in their respective region’s courthouse.

·       Bankruptcy Courts

The United States Bankruptcy Court hears bankruptcy cases filed by individuals, companies and government agencies that cannot pay their debts. Federal bankruptcy law governs these types of cases. Under this law, people who cannot repay their debts must file a petition with the bankruptcy judge asking him or her to allow them to be discharged (have their debts wiped away).

·       Supreme Court

The highest court in the nation is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court was established under the United States Constitution’s Article III, and Congress was given the power to enact legislation that established a system of inferior courts. 94 district level trial courts and 13 courts of appeals make up the current structure of the federal court system, which is below the Supreme Court.

The following is a list of Federal Courts in Oklahoma.

United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma

The United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma has jurisdiction over cases filed in the following counties: Beaver, Beckham, Caddo, Canadian, Carter, Cherokee, Choctaw, Coal, Craig, Harmon, Haskell, Hughes, Johnston, Kingfisher and Lincoln. The court has 31 judges who are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The court hears civil and criminal cases.

Who is over the judges in Oklahoma?

All Oklahoman judges and justices that need to be appointed are chosen by the state’s governor. Candidates must first go through the Oklahoma Judicial Nominating Commission’s nomination procedure, which chooses three candidates to present to the governor for a single appointment to the position.

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Social Media

Facebook – Top 7 Tips to Counter Fake Accounts




The Facebook social networking site offers a variety of features, including photo-sharing, instant messaging, and notifications. One of the newest features is the ability to create a profile with your cover photo and personal information, such as your hometown and relationship status. The site also offers the ability to send messages to friends via chat or email and even photos automatically tagged with names. Facebook also has an entire section devoted to managing friendships.

As people communicate more via mobile devices and social networking sites such as Facebook, cyber-criminals engage in identity theft and child porn rings. As Internet criminals have become more sophisticated, so have the methods by which they have attempted to gain access to the personal information of their targets. There are many fake accounts on Facebook who consider to buy Facebook likes to fool people, which you should be aware of, so it’s a must for you to know how to figure such accounts out.

Do Your Research

  • Fake Facebook accounts lure you into sending out information that can identify you and allow cyber criminals to target you with spam messages. You must research a person before sending personal information over email or chat. 
  • If the party requesting this type of information is someone you don’t know well, it’s a good idea to verify their identity via email or telephone before you get too far in your conversation.

Take Care of Your Personal Information

If the person or site requesting your personal information is a new acquaintance, ask questions you can verify by referring to their Facebook profile to see if they have ever posted anything similar. Also, try to find the person’s “About Page” to get more details about them before you begin your conversation. If a person requests financial information about you, you should verify their identity before sending any personal information.

Limit Your Social Networking 

  • The more contacts you have on social networking sites, the greater your chances of being targeted for identity theft. So limit your number of friends, or at least ensure that the new friends you add don’t have hundreds of contacts. 
  • Facebook makes it easy to communicate with people from across the globe; it’s not uncommon for cybercriminals to target people they suspect are not as confident as they are.

Be Suspicious of Requests For Your Password

Many fake Facebook accounts consider to buy FB likes and utilizing the names of people you know to get you to reveal more information about yourself. One of the easiest ways a cybercriminal can access your personal information is by requesting your login password via email or chat. Please do not give out any such information unless it is someone you trust implicitly. Suppose a request for this type of information is made. In that case, it’s a good idea to have someone you trust (such as a family member or friend) verify the identity of the individual requesting password information.

Keep Your Web Browser Up to Date

  • Your web browser will often generate warnings if an individual tries to get you to visit sites that may be malicious or if they try to redirect you to web pages that contain questionable content. 
  • Keep your browser as up-to-date as possible and close out of web pages you do not trust. In addition, make sure that you have installed anti-virus software to protect your PC from infection by malware. Finally, if you visit any sites outside of Facebook, you should verify that the URL is one you recognize.

Do Not Reply to Spam Emails

If you receive spam email that contains requests for personal information, do not reply to such email. Just delete it immediately, then delete the sender from your list of contacts as well. If a friend sends out similar emails, insist on learning how they got your email address in the first place.

Think Before You Click

  • If you receive a message via chat requesting personal information, think carefully before clicking on any links contained within such messages. 
  • Also, don’t respond to requests for access to your webcam unless you know the person’s identity. Most importantly, if something doesn’t feel right, do not do it. If someone appears to be too good to be true, they probably are.


The more you know about how cybercriminals operate, the better you will be at spotting them when they attempt to commit identity theft. The critical thing to remember is that many scammers are good at what they do and often try to use social networking sites to gain access to as many people as possible. Therefore, if you suspect a specific Facebook account is fake, you should report it immediately so that it can be removed from the site. So that other person who the same scam may target can avoid falling for it.

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How To Safely Ride EarBuds Without Damaging Your Hearing




Whether it’s a distraction during exercise or starting the morning with a podcast, most of us spend every day with earplugs that deliver sound to our ears. These tiny feeding snakes can soothe our minds and moods with their satisfying sounds, but they can also damage our hearing. However, it can be avoided with a little awareness and effort. Air Buds are a source of entertainment that levels up our mood with music but we have to keep our volume balanced. Doing this, won’t be harmful to our ears and we can enjoy it as well. Let’s get to this article below.

Balances volume and listening time

Volume level and listening time are two things that must be balanced to prevent hearing damage from noise (or exposure to sound) from headphones or earplugs. A rule of thumb is to listen at 80 percent volume for up to 90 minutes at a time. How long it takes and how hard it is inversely proportional. If you listen for more than 90 minutes, you need to turn down the volume, so the longer you listen, the lower the volume.

Device type

In addition to volume and listening time, the specific listening device you use can also make a difference. There are three types of hearing aids, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The headphones wrap around the ears and often block outside noise well.

The sound quality is better, so you can listen at a lower volume. However, they are not as easy to carry or store as headphones. The headphones transmit more external noise to the ears, so they are safer when you are on the street, in heavy traffic, or around other people. But people tend to turn up the volume to dangerous levels in places with a lot of ambient noise.

Insulated earplugs have rubber tips that seal the ear canal. They block outside noise well but can be dangerous for runners or cyclists who need to be aware of their surroundings.

Whichever design you choose, people are not afraid to spend the extra money to get better earbuds. High-quality headphones or earphones provide natural sound, so you’re less likely to rely on volume to boost your confidence.

They are the truth about hearing loss

Many devices allow outputs much higher than 85 dB (decibels). This can be problematic because many listeners, especially young people, do not understand the long-term harmful effects. Early and repeated exposure to loud noises causes permanent damage to the inner ear and goes undetected until it is too late to prevent it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 17% of Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 may experience hearing loss due to exposure to loud noise.

Both are well built and comfortable, but the Buds have a more stable, neutral standard sound profile favored by some users and have better battery life. But thanks to the ANC system, TheAirBudsPro can block out additional background noise.


Air buds are better for the users because the pro has got higher volume, and they can harm your hearing more. Get to know some useful points about earbuds and earbuds pro.

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How to Properly Recycle Cardboard Boxes



Untitled design 2022 10 14T084305.573

Discarding your cardboard boxes subsequent to moving or getting bundles can be a problem. Here are a few hints to make discarding your cardboard boxes simple!

We face a daily reality such that we can purchase items from the solace of our own homes. Whether we’re requesting the following month’s membership box or requesting this evening’s supper, everything should be bundled and conveyed in a manner where our items or food shows up completely safe.

In view of the ascent in Online business, prompting the expanded utilization of transportation containers or cardboard boxes for conveyance, we as shoppers are in many cases left with a lot of cardboard customize Packging at home.

Paperboard is slender cardboard in light of the fact that the filaments have become excessively short to major areas of strength for make cardboard through the reusing system. They are principally utilized for cereal boxes, refreshment bundling, pastry kitchen boxes, or as lightweight item boxes.

How is Cardboard Recycled?

Step 1: Sorting and Shredding

When cardboard boxes enter the reusing office, the material should be isolated from the other paper items and arranged by the kind of board since not a wide range of cardboard are made utilizing a similar cycle. When isolated and arranged, the cardboard will be destroyed to be better reused later all the while.

Step 2: Pulping

The destroyed material will then, at that point, be blended in with water to separate and relax the filaments of the Lip Liner Packagingso making new cardboard materials can be utilized. This cycle is known as pulping.

Step 3: Filtering

Subsequent to pulping the cardboard material is finished, it is then sifted to isolate the extra waste, like ink, tape, or staples, left on the cardboard boxes so the paper strands can appropriately bond together. This will safeguard the trustworthiness of the new cardboard items made eventually.

Step 4: Add More Water

At the point when it is the ideal opportunity for assembling, the sifted mash will be blended in with more water, squeezed, and mixed to acquire the right consistency for the kind of cardboard that is being made. Every cardboard material requires an alternate routine so the length of the cycle and synthetic compounds added, if any, will change.

Step 5: Roll and Dry

Endless supply of the blending system, the mash will be treated through a rolling and drying process, making enormous sheets of earthy colored paper that can be utilized to make new paper and cardboard items.

Since you have an outline of this interaction, the following are a couple of straightforward tips that you can follow to assist with the reusing system.

Tip #1: Flatten all of your cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes occupy a ton of room, hence it’s vital to straighten them before you reuse them. Prior to straightening them, ensure there could be no other bundling materials, for example, plastic, inside or fresh on the grounds that this will keep the cardboard Custom packaging for ecommerce materials from being reused appropriately and will be assembled with the trash thus. On the off chance that there is any pressing tape or names on the case, you can either eliminate them or leave them as most reusing focuses will deal with it for you!

Tip #2: Make sure your cardboard boxes are clean and dry

It’s essential to keep your cardboard boxes spotless and dry before you reuse them in light of the fact that defiled or wet things will influence the honesty of the reused material and most reusing focuses will simply discard them since soaked cardboard is challenging to reuse.

To keep this from occurring, separate your ‘sleek/wet’ boxes from the dry ones. So following an evening of requesting pizza, try to remove those oily regions on your pizza box and keep them in a different heap from the dry cardboard/paper!

While putting away cardboard or paper boxes for reusing, it’s likewise critical to keep your cardboard dry prior to reusing day, so ensure you store them from open windows in the event that it downpours or where there are no holes.

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