7 Creative Ways to Reuse Packaging Boxes


Although recycling is a sustainable way to remove cardboard boxes, there are many other ways to be used old packaging boxes! There are many items that you can make with corrugated cardboard for personal use. Also cheaper to reuse old cardboard boxes and not buy something new, and much more environmentally friendly if you can provide another box of life! With a little creativity and imagination, custom bottle boxes you can use cardboard for almost everything you think.

1 – Change the old box to stationery

Stationery Hanging Message

Whether it’s for personal or professional use, homemade stationery will definitely be interesting. Use cardboard as a basis for a note of gratitude or personal message to give a rural feel for the product. You can also use paper and cardboard as used paper for your brainstorm session, and even cut them into pieces to be used as labeling your trash can in the garage!

2 – old compost box in the park

Cardboard compost in the park


Cardboard can increase soil and provide compost materials to any outdoor garden. There are many benefits of using cardboard boxes in your garden, which include making buffers for earthworms. The way of cardboard emitting the soil provided for more efficient planting, too!

3 – Turn the box into wall art

Cheers Sign as Wall Art


Who knows the cardboard can be a showstopper at a party? With the idea of ​​this Garland Letter, no one will know it is made of an old cardboard box. Cutting the cardboard and coating it with a background or sequin creates a homemade decoration item that looks professionally made!

4 – Turn the cardboard box into a dog bed

Cardboard dog bed


Furious friends can benefit from the old packaging box as much as humans can! On this DIY dog bed, a bumpy material is strong enough to hold a small dog and provide a comfortable place to sit. Although there are many efforts involved in creating this bed, everything will be in vain for your special pets.

5 – Turn the cardboard box into a cat toy

DIY Cat toys with Cardboard


If your cat is very energetic and likes to play with anything they can find, this toy is for you! Made entirely from cardboard is a slanted style game designed for cats. Cardboard is strong enough to take the strength of a cat and that is a much cheaper choice than buying lots of toys for your cat.

6 – Change the paper box into a drawer divider

Interrelated divider in the drawer


Corrugated partitions can be perfect for storing and managing your office supplies. You can make as much divisor as needed and there is a compartment that is suitable for everything perfectly, whether it is at home or in your office. For more information about the box divider, see our blog post here.

7 – Change the cardboard box to a shelf

Change the cardboard box to a shelf


Old cardboard boxes can also be used as shelves in the living room! You can use as many boxes as possible and they can store jewelry or vases that you can think of. custom rigid boxes wholesale Be sure to test the weight of your items first before putting it on a cardboard.

These are only a few of the many ways in which you can improve your packaging box and give them a new life. How else do you use your packaging box again? Share with us!

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