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Your season has begun. or you able to capture your looking journey through a more robust image? If you wish to require photos of all of your hunts and obtain most results from your smartphone camera, this can be for you. Here are some easy tips, however helpful for taking higher photos on the sector along with your smartphone.

Keep the lens clean

This is clear, however wonderful however one thing therefore easy is commonly neglected. once was the last time you cleansed the lens on your cellphone? Our cellphones pay most time in our pocket aggregation dirt, oil and dirt. it’s terribly repellent to assume that we tend to place them on our faces to speak with particularly photographing pictures like malibu wedding photographer. quick sweeping with a soft microfiber lens will facilitate bring back to your crisp image.

Take image not photos

You think, “What’s the difference?” Image could be a visual concept that you initially created in your mind, it’s thought “that can keep photos”. you do not would like an opulent camera and lens to try to to this. do not be discharged as a result of it is simple to drag your phone and jerk. Take it slow and enter your thoughts into your settings and make pictures that you simply with pride show. you’ll see a forceful increase in your image, creating it value sharing.

Third rule

Rule-of-thirds ar the primary composition lessons learned by novice photographers. If you do not understand what it’s, it’s easy. after you develop your radiophone to require photos, imagine it into 3, each vertical and horizontal, therefore there ar 9 equal components and 4 intersection points.

Following the third rules to position the topic or place to draw in you at the intersection of 9 rows. try this to feature additional expertise and visual attractiveness to your image. If you wish a humdrum photograph, stick with AN recent subject within the middle, if you wish a dynamic image, follow the third rules.


This is a vital a part of photography. The sun to be our main light. Morning and evening can provide the foremost dramatic and attention-grabbing lightweight. we tend to still need to be within the right location to form AN optimum image. Having the sun behind you once low on the horizon could be a sensible place to begin.

Watch your body’s shadow after you take photos, therefore it isn’t a part of your photograph. Experiment with completely different lightweight and angles therefore you recognize what’s flourishing and what’s not. Trial-and-error remains the simplest thanks to learn.

Enjoy the method

Quality photography isn’t one thing that’s simple to be told. It takes time, exercise, and a spotlight to details. Not each image you’re taking are going to be displayed within the next Kuuu Bulletin, however if you follow these basic steps, you’ll move into the correct direction. Take it slow, set up your shot, learn to edit, and you’ll have additional to recollect from your looking – with the exception of “grip and smiles”.

About Paul Bride:

If you’ve got followed Kuuu for an extended time, you’ll get accustomed the extraordinary work of artist Paul Bride. He has become a thrust behind the authentic image that we tend to use to convey the performance and inspiration associated with our complete. based mostly in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. Bride is one in all the foremost out of doors photographers, travel, and journey in our day.

The bride has photographed quite sixty magazine covers, including, alpinis, pacific cruise ships, gripped, climbing, stone & ice, climbing, geographical journey, powder, outside magazines, wall street journals, photograph techniques like reptacular ranch, photo life, photo news, and bovid. The list of resumes works for the highest brands within the outside industry: Kuiu, Arctelyx, Patagonia, Red Bull, Lowepro, diamond, Five Ten, Julbo, Tyax Heli athletics, and MSR.

Too easy to inform anyone, the bride’s work has collected the highest photography awards presently given:

  • Red Bull Illume 50 Top Photographers, 2013 & 2016.
  • Soul id top 100 outdoor photographers in the world
  • First place, Extreme Sports Category, International Photographer Award in New York City
  • First place, CVCE I
  • International Adventure Photography Award in Spain
  • Finalist International Master Photography Cup Award, Landscape & Sports Category

With a career that stretches nearly two decades and six continents, Bride has the will to do the most difficult and dangerous adventure, and the talent to capture this pursuit on the camera. He is a perfect professional, as strong as they come, and talented beyond words.

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