Custom Vs Delivery Box Vs Stock Box: The difference


Box says a lot about your brand, so it is important to understand the difference between special shipping boxes and stock boxes when you choose packaging for your brand. This is what you need to know and how to decide between the two:

What is a special shipping box?

Special shipping boxes are completely adjusted to meet the client’s needs. customized eyelash boxes With a special box, you can choose your own dimensions and create your own design to suit your brand product and personality.

What are the various types of special shipping boxes?

There are so many types of special shipping boxes out there that your choice is practically unlimited. Here are some types of our favorite special shipping boxes from Boxgenie:

Custom Mailer Box: Perfect for e -commerce or subscription service brands, special, safe, and stylish special mailer boxes.

Special One-Piece Folder Box: Ideal for Flat Item Delivery such as Books or Art Work, One-Piece Folder Box Single and Easy to Assemble.

Custom Shipping Box: Take a boring box to the next level with this special shipping box with the right size and high definition printing.

Custom Triangle Document Mailer: Protect Important Documents and Art Work with Innovative Triangle Documents Sender.

What is a stock box?

On the other hand, stock boxes are produced in a limited number and force. Stock boxes tend to come in basic colors like brown and white, and you cannot include special information such as your brand logo or even your brand name.

What is the difference between a special shipping box and stock box?

In addition to the clear adjustment factor, there are some main differences between special shipping boxes and stock boxes for product packaging. Special packaging boxes or special print boxes may be more expensive than basic stock boxes because they are made specifically and are not mass produced.

In addition, special sender must be ordered in advance from a special packaging provider instead of being able to buy it at an online place or in a store. Some companies, such as the Genie box, can still have a special box that is ready to be sent in less than 10 working days.

And finally, a special shipping box is ideal for business purposes, while the ideal stock box for personal purposes.

Why choose a special shipping box rather than stock box?

Although special shipping boxes may be more expensive than alternative stocks, it is suitable for special use. But don’t just take our words for that; Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a special shipping box rather than the stock box:

1. Establish brand awareness

If you are a brand that has just begun, a special shipping box is a good way to get your name out there and build brand awareness. Printing your brand name and logo on the side of the box instead of using a plain white box telling the customer who you are and what you are – everything in a cardboard box that seems simple!

2. Promote brand personality

Boring stock boxes often send messages to customers that your brand, well, boring.

And even though it is clearly not the problem, you cannot show off your brand personality with a plain cardboard box. Instead, special packaging allows you to promote your brand’s unique personality through your box style with fun color printing, fonts, and colorful images.

3. Get free ad

While some people see packaging as a waste, you can get a return of your packaging investment using a special packaging as a free ad for your brand. custom e cigarette Entering your brand logo in a special design is a good way to attract the attention of everyone from the postman to the next door neighbor when the package is sent.

4. Create unboxing experience

An interesting unboxing experience is today’s anger, and the best way to create unforgettable unboxing experiences for your customers is to use special packaging. When special packaging is combined with other wise packaging elements such as custom products I

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