Online Quran Classes for Kids: Quran Institute’s Newest Addition


Online Quran Classes are available on Quran Institute. Kids will be able to learn Quran online by following our step-by-step process that ensures they learn Quran the right way! Online Quran Classes will allow kids to focus on their religious studies, knowing that they are in a safe environment learning from people who know what they’re doing. You can expect your child to develop an understanding of the Qu’ranic text, learn about tajweed (rules for reciting the Qu’ran), and gain an appreciation of Islam as a whole with Online Quran Classes from Quran Institute!

The importance of teaching kids the Quran

Teaching children Arabic is a daunting task, especially if you’re teaching them to read and recite. This is why Quran classes are so crucial—they familiarize kids with Arabic from an early age, making it easier for them to pick up words and sounds. One of our goals at Al-Quran al-Karim institute is to make these classes easy and convenient.

How can you teach a child the Quran?

Before you actually teach them what they’re supposed to learn, you need to ensure that your child is physically fit and capable of learning. For a proper education of Islam, we should first be sure that their physical well-being is in order. This means teaching children how to keep themselves healthy while they are learning. It also means reminding them that being sick and not getting proper nutrition can lead to poor concentration which will make it difficult for them to retain any information.

Should kids be required to read from the Quran?

In Islam, it is highly recommended that children are raised with a strong knowledge of Islamic teachings. This includes understanding and memorizing verses from what Muslims believe to be God’s word. For example, Al-Quran states we have enjoined on man kindness to parents (6:151). So should kids be required to read from their holy book? And does religion even play a role in education? These are good questions that deserve a response; however, I want to first address something else…

How much should I allow my child to practice reading from the Quran?

If your child is less than 12 years old, I would recommend allowing them to spend about 10 minutes a day reading from The Noble Qur’an. This amount of time is appropriate because it allows your child to build their fluency as well as mental stamina. If your child is older than 12, then I would allow them to read and study as much as they are interested in while still being able to maintain focus and concentration. Tajweed

Is there anything I can do to help them learn faster?

If your child is having trouble understanding certain aspects of Arabic, you can use multimedia learning tools to help them. There are plenty of tutorials online that focus on teaching Arabic to English speakers. You can also ask someone at their local mosque to help guide them through any lessons they’re struggling with. While memorization may be a struggle, being exposed to and hearing Quranic verses will make it easier for them to learn when they go back home. 

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